Winter Fun with Roblox, Among Us, and Minecraft

During the pandemic, it’s been hard for kids to stay connected to friends and find new ones. Online games are one way for them to have fun and hang out, but as parents, we wonder if it’s safe for them to find new friends online.  Let Connected Camps relieve you of the worry and hassle of virtual playdate scheduling over break and beyond.

Just in time for winter break, Connected Camps has some new choices for your kids. We’re offering new clubs in Roblox and Among Us, Minecraft girls-only clubs, and a variety of winter-themed activities in our free Kid Club. These clubs make it easy and safe for kids to learn new games, develop friendships, and pick up a few tech skills along the way.

Roblox Clubs

What is Roblox? Kids love it, and the options for play and creativity are awesome! Common Sense Media says it provides “an exciting, amusing, and inspiring experience.” Our Roblox Gaming Clubs meet once a week for an hour-and-a-half per session. In that time, your kids will play a variety of Roblox games, including party games like Super Golf or Roblox Uno, team games like Freeze Tag!, or exploration games like Water Park. At the same time, they’ll make friends and build camaraderie through social activities.

The beauty of Connected Camps is its moderated environment. Sure, kids can play Roblox in other places, but you wouldn’t necessarily know who else is playing or what the behavior standards are. Our Clubs maintain a supportive community and a positive group environment. The Clubs are led by our staff of counselors that blend smart and fun! They’re college students who love to game, so they have great ideas for making online time fun and interactive. They’re also trained to help kids learn how to work in teams, communicate well, and resolve conflict with others in a group.

Roblox clubs are now on Connected Camps’ schedule. Whether your kids are casual players or consider themselves experts, they’ll have fun playing in this safe group environment!

Among Us – Who’s Suss?!

This is suddenly one of the most popular games around. Why is Among Us so popular? The game splits players into two teams: the crewmates and the impostors. Crewmates must complete a series of tasks and survive; impostors seek to eliminate the crew.  

It sounds simple, but because of its different game maps, modes, and settings, Among Us actually requires focused practice and smart strategy. While your kids are engrossed in identifying imposters and navigating the maps, they’ll be practicing effective communications during in-game meetings by using persuasive arguments and critical thinking skills.

Among Us Clubs with Connected Camps allow your kids to join a friendly community whose goal is to learn from one another and provide a safe space to excel. Each week, they can set short and long-term goals based on their gameplay interests. We’ll help them get better at the game by teaching collaboration, good sportsmanship, and how to become a well-rounded player by receiving feedback on skills.

Not only will your kids be developing these important life skills, they’ll be happily entertained during the weekly club session. Check out the times for Among Us clubs to find one that fits your schedule.

Just for Girls: New Minecraft Clubs

Minecraft is another online game that engages kids in a fun way while they’re learning skills. New Girls’ Builder’s and Survival Clubs in Minecraft are starting now! Our girls-only programs celebrate girls by encouraging individuality, collaboration, and creative problem solving. In these programs, all campers share something in common: being girls who love Minecraft and are ready for new friends and new adventures.

In Builder’s Club, your daughter can join a community of other young designers who meet once a week to collaborate in projects and build structures together in Minecraft under the mentorship of a skilled female counselor. Likewise, Survival Club is an adventure-filled guild where a community of survivors gather and overcome obstacles together!

Both girls clubs provide a friendly atmosphere that is the perfect antidote to the sometimes over-competitive and intimidating online social world. Abraham’s daughter participated in one of our all-girls programs. His daughter said the counselor was really nice and sweet, and no one was left behind because the counselor would make sure to help everyone before moving on. He said the program worked out extremely well because the friendly environment encouraged her to participate, and the group setting made her more likely to try things because others were. He said, “My daughter had previously expressed apprehension about doing other coding activities because she didn’t want to be in a group where she was vastly outnumbered by boys.”

In addition to the all-girls setting, Connected Camps has lots of other options. Learn more and sign up here for our Builder’s Club and Survival Club.

Kid Club Celebrates Snow Days in Minecraft

When winter comes and the kids are off school, they can join fun snowy activities whether you live in a cold climate or the tropics! Connected Camps is bringing Snow Days to Kid Club. Kids will have a blast as they use Minecraft to build snowmen and snow globes, decorate cookies, and race each other in wintery parkour courses.

As always, Kid Club is free and open for Minecraft enthusiasts ages 8 – 13. Simply register and we’ll safelist your youngster so they can join in on our Snow Day fun! Our expert counselors will keep the creative juices flowing, maintain a positive tone, and keep your kids happy and busy for hours.

As we head through winter holidays and into the new year, your kids will be happy to join Connected Camps clubs, programs, and activities. From Roblox to Among Us to Minecraft, there’s something for everyone!