Top 18 Roblox Games for Kids, and Safety Tips for Parents

The video game Roblox is exploding in popularity. In it, users design and upload their own games, and they play games that other people have created. If you’re a parent of a tween or teen, your kids are probably playing already! According to CNN, about 75% of American children ages nine through twelve play Roblox regularly with friends.

Creators have published millions of games on the Roblox platform, and it can be overwhelming and hard to find some that are both fun and enriching. Our counselors have scoured the Roblox universe and chosen ones that combine friendly competition, engaging challenges, and creative fun. They started with kid recommendations, which were audited for content. Then our team did online research and added their comments based on their experience with different Roblox games. 

If your kids come to our Roblox clubs, they’ll play these games with our counselors and other connected campers in a safely moderated environment where good behavior is required. Our counselors are experts at creating a positive and fun place to play. They also love to game! 

Use this guide to find suggested options. Games are recommended as appropriate and fun for kids 8-13, except as noted. Games are free to play on public servers, and some allow in-game purchases. 

Obby Games

Obby = obstacle course game

Mega Easy Obby 600 Stages!

This obby uses checkpoints between stages, is very straightforward and simple, and is pretty much never-ending, so this is a great activity for kids who love obbies. There are currently 625 unique and fun stages to play through in this obby. Earn gems by beating a stage, and buy fun cosmetic items such as pets that follow you around! Prestiging in this parkour obby only resets your stage, nothing else. Completing stages = 1 gem; gems can be used to purchase pets.

Super Big Parkour Obby!

In Super Big Parkour Obby, you must find a way to escape. Find an obstacle course that can help you escape, and go through it. This obby also uses checkpoints between stages and is very straightforward and simple. Another great activity for kids who love obbies. Players can save/ load progress. Completing stages = Earns “Stage Skips”.

Escape the Shopping Center Obby

Oh no! You went to a Shopping Center and got in trouble–you must escape the Shopping Center before it’s too late! This obby uses checkpoints between stages and should last about 20-25 minutes. There are npcs (non-players characters) with dialogue to add a storyline to the obby. Fun! Do not click on the shop, “Skip Stage”, or walk into power ups because it can trigger purchase offers.

Expedition Antarctica

Team up with friends or go solo and embark on an epic snowy adventure across Antarctica to reach the South Pole! Notes (for counselor): This obby is more difficult because the checkpoints are spaced out by about one hour. Estimated five hours of gameplay. There are three thematically different basecamps and obby sets. The storyline is really interesting and the map is huge and realistic. Players will roleplay by dressing up into their expedition outfit and must be cautious of food, water, and health.

Team Games

Hide and Seek Transform

Seekers vs Hiders! Hiders will transform into inanimate objects and hide in plain sight. Seekers must run and punch inanimate objects to attempt to find the hiders! There are two modes: Classic and Infection. This is a great, simple game that provides tons of fun! Each round is approximately five minutes. Before each round, players vote on map and game mode. Players can collect coins to be used to purchase in-game skins, whistles, pets, and effects! Some purchase options and diamonds trigger purchase offers.

Freeze Tag!

This is a great game of freeze tag that provides tons of fun! Taggers must freeze everyone before the timer runs out. Use boosts to help you and your team reach victory, and upgrade your boosts with the cash you earn. Use crates to unlock cool items for your character. Playing rounds = In-game cash, which can be used to buy skins. There are free pets available. Each round is approximately five minutes. There is a short obby in the lobby for freeplay. There are a lot of in-game trigger purchase offers so be careful.

Sky Wars

There are four teams; players use knives, bazooka, wall-building, bombs, and bouncy balls to attack and defend until your team’s spawns are the last ones remaining. Each round lasts approximately 5-15 minutes depending on the number of players. Once a team loses their base, they will spectate from above.

Impostor (13+)

Be an innocent crewmate and complete your tasks! Use your detective skills to find out who’s up to no good! Be an impostor and use lies and deception to murder your crewmates! Each round lasts approximately 10-15 minutes depending on the number of players. Once a crewmate dies, they will still be responsible for completing their tasks to help their team win. Purchasing skins, pets, etc. will trigger purchase offers.

BIG Paintball

This is Roblox’s premier paintball game. Cover your friends in paint on crazy battlefields, and unlock unique paintball guns with awesome effects. Complete challenges and level up! Players can vote on the game map prior to each round. Each round lasts approximately 15 minutes. Playing rounds = earning coins to upgrade paintball guns. Attempting to buy more coins and some paintball guns will trigger purchase offers.

Simulator Game

Boss Fighting Simulator

Slay powerful bosses, earn coins and upgrade your swords. This is a great game to play as a team to take down the bosses! Swinging sword + fighting bosses = Power. Power can be sold for in-game money and can be used for cooler, more efficient swords. The PVP Zone is available for players to practice and fight. Use the well to heal your health. Visiting the shop may trigger purchase offers.

Party Games

Draw It!

Draw It is a multiplayer drawing game where every round has guessers and one artist. The artist will choose a word to draw, and the guessers will chat what they think the drawing is until they get it right. Guessing the correct word gives you points, which players can spend on word packs for more words to draw as the artist.

Super Golf!

Interactive party game where all players shoot their golf balls at the same time and compete to get it in the hole with the least amount of strokes. Play against others on a variety of exciting courses, unlock cool rewards, customize your ball, and compete to be the best player. Super Golf games last approximately 30 minutes. Playing rounds = earning coins to purchase ball skins and effects. Attempting to get diamonds will trigger purchase offers.

Roblox Uno

Play your favorite tabletop game in Roblox! Roblox Uno rounds last approximately 5-10 minutes, depending on the amount of players and cards given at the start of the round.

Tumble Minigames

This is a really fun, interactive, competitive game. Enjoy a cool selection of fun, fantasy-like minigames. Win rounds, earn coins and customize your character with awesome titles, gears and even cute pets. Playing games = earning coins which can be used to purchase pets, skins, effects, and titles. Each game lasts approximately 5-10 minutes. 

Exploration Games

Arcade Island 2

This is a free realm world for the campers to explore and play arcade games! It’s just like visiting a Dave and Buster’s or Chuck E Cheese Arcade. Play machines, win prizes, explore the island, and meet new people in an awesome social extravaganza. Players get free coins daily.

Water Park

The Water Park is an awesome place to hangout, have fun, and chill! This world is perfect for playing around and hanging out with some water slides and water park features. Players can choose free skins (bathing suits) to wear as they enjoy the water park.

Driving Simulator

This game is an entire world to explore in your racecar! Own your dream car from a catalog of the world’s most iconic supercars. Players can either cruise around the city freely or they can meet-up all around the map for some interactive races against one another. Playing the game can earn you in-game cash which can be used to upgrade your car or purchase new ones. Attempting to purchase some upgrades or cars that are too expensive can trigger purchase offers.

The Wild West (13+)

This game is an entire world to explore as a cowboy in the wild west! Become a seasoned explorer, hit gold in the Mountains, or take for yourself and steal as an Outlaw. Stalk rare prey as a hunter, or live the law and hunt Outlaws for a reward. Players are free to roam the world, explore, mine, hunt, and purchase everything they need to be a rugged, successful cowboy.

Roblox Tips for Parents 

  • Participants and behavior are closely guided in Connected Camps’ setting, but at any other time (outside of the club), kids will be joining public servers with others. Some things for parents to be aware of:
  • Kids can mute chat immediately when joining so that there isn’t any risk of links or bad language being shared.
  • Parents can set restrictions on their kids’ Roblox accounts here. If you set the account’s birthday to under the age of 13, it limits chat options and places a tighter restriction on the chat.
  • Read this information from Roblox to learn how to set the account so that your child can only chat with friends added.  
  • You can look at the account’s inbox to see any messages sent and received by the account to know if anyone is trying to talk to your child.
  • At the top right corner of the home page (and on the profile), there is a list of recently played games that you can monitor as a parent to make sure your child is not joining any games that are inappropriate.

Roblox provides an engaging online place for kids to play with friends. We hope this guide helps you know more about the world of Roblox, and that it helps you find the titles that your child(ren) will love. For fun and games in our moderated environment, be sure to check out our weekly clubs.