Doing Real Science in Minecraft

Science in Minecraft

Doing real science in Minecraft is easy and fun. Start with a question, formulate a hypothesis, design an experiment, and review the results! For example, our friends The Minecraft Scientists ran an experiment designed to answer the question, “Am I more likely to catch fish on rainy days than on clear days (or does it make a difference)?”

They went fishing in Minecraft at the same spot, using the same bait, on 10 clear days and 10 raining days. The data they collected was surprising!

Why not use dinner time to co-design a science experiment to run in Minecraft with your family? If you can’t think of any right off the bat, try one of our Halloween-inspired experiments:

Do pumpkins grow faster with more light?
How many bones and arrows does the average skeleton drop?
Do all zombies do the same amount of damage?

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