Just for Girls Online Summer Camps

Sky’s the Limit: Just for Girls Online Summer Camps

Celebrating the Power of Girls’ Creativity

We believe being a girl comes with special superpowers and our Just for Girls online summer camps are designed to unleash those powers. Last year we offered survival and coding girls only camps. You asked for more and we listened: this year we’ve expanded our Just for Girls program to match our co-ed offerings.

Connected Camps Girls Online Camps

Our girls only camps celebrate girls by encouraging individuality, collaboration, and creative problem solving. Our friendly atmosphere is the perfect antidote to the sometimes over-competitive and intimidating online social world. In our girls program, all campers share something in common: we’re all girl gamers who love Minecraft and are ready for new friends and new adventures. I want to help the young girls of today become the great minds and leaders of tomorrow by giving them the unique chance to learn with a crew they can call their own. Here’s a closer look at each week of girl’s camp this summer.

Connected Camps brings the fun, creativity, and social experience of summer camp online. Your child can learn to code, use redstone, design fantastical cities, create animations, build games and more in the virtual worlds of Minecraft and Scratch. The best part—join from anywhere! Campers ages 8-13 build, play, and share with instruction from expert tech mentors. View our full schedule of girls only summer camps by clicking here.

Connected Camps Girls Online Camps: Architecture

Girls Architecture Camp (June 26-30)

Architecture Camp has become a Connected Camps’ tradition. It helps kids practice building foundations with their team as well as in the game. There’s always something new to learn and something exciting to build on top of that!

In architecture camp, campers will be presented with a theme and get to build together based on that theme. We are looking forward to pushing the imaginations of the girls in this camp,  helping them to explore new techniques and ideas with each other. Who knows what the imagination will call for? A rocketship? A floating dance floor? A Walmart with a cake aisle? Sign up today to be part of an epic quest and enjoy an experience where we will not only build structures, but imaginations as well!


Connected Camps Girls Online Camps: Adventure

Girls Adventure Camp (July 3-8) 

Calling all dreamers! Team up with your fellow gal pals to create and experience the ultimate adventure story. At first glance, “Adventure” camp may appear to be similar in name to “Survival” camp, however that is not the case! Our Adventure camp, new this year, will push the imaginations of our girls to new heights.

Campers put together an interactive adventure fueled by their imagination and creativity. Girls will work together to build the foundations of a story, building the world in which it will take place watching their crazy and fun ideas come to life. No idea is too big and we have made sure that the world is nowhere near too small, so dream BIG.


Connected Camps Online Game Design Camp

Girls Game Design Camp (July 10-14)

Like video games? Love minigames? So do we!

In game design camp, we will be working on the fundamentals of Minecraft minigames by building our own puzzles, board games, and more. Our friendly learning environment supports constructive criticism and turning failures into the next steps to success. Campers in this program will explore game design principles from design to playtesting and balance. If your daughter likes video games or wants to make one with her own special twist then this is the place to do it.

Our girl’s game design camp is a perfect fit for all girls with a passion for video games. No experience? No problem.


Connected Camps Online Game Design Camp

Girls Survival Camp (July 17-21) 

Nothing says summer quite like a camping adventure with the girls. The torches are lit, the mountains are at ease, the dragon is asleep, the wilderness calls… is that a creeper?

Team up with your fellow girls for the ultimate survival extravaganza! Campers will work together to survive and thrive in this exciting and challenging camp. Challenges will include making sure your team is well dressed, has a nice house, and is ready to show the wilderness that girls are a force of nature! Sign up today to help build a base with your fellow campers and work together to not only survive the week but to have as much fun as we can while doing it. Anything can happen in a girl’s world, the sky’s the limit!

Check out our girl’s adventure camp highlight video from last summer:


Connected Camps Online Game Design Camp

Girls Coding Camp (July 24-28) 

Coding camps can sometimes be an intimidating place for girls—that’s one of the reasons that we’re all in this together! To learn in an environment with other girls gives our campers the chance to understand that it’s ok to want to learn about technology, and to embrace their interests despite the gender stereotypes and imbalance found in many coding camps. In this program, our campers will be learning how to code with turtle technology in an environment where they will feel comfortable and supported.

Learning coding at an early age can create a foundation for learning about machines and computers in the future. Join us and learn in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Ladies, sign up today to get a head start in becoming one the great minds of the future.

Check out our girl’s coding camp highlight video from last summer:


Connected Camps Online Game Design Camp

Girls Engineering With Redstone (July 31-August 4) 

Does your daughter like building and redstone? This camp will help girls of all skill levels learn more about the mechanical side of Minecraft and improve their “redstone” game. Redstone is the electricity of Minecraft, from inputs and outputs, to pistons and even logic gates. Campers will see their build jump to life as they learn about the possibilities of redstone and better their own personal skills with it. We’ll work on building automated homes and puzzles, roller coasters and more! Sign up today for an opportunity to share ideas and creative possibilities with the other girls of Minecraft!


Creative Coding in Scratch

Girls Creative Coding in Scratch (July 31-August 4) 

Scratch is a new program to Connected Camps, but an excellent tool for getting great things out of great minds! In this camp, we will use the program Scratch to help unlock the potential of the girls imaginations in a way we’ve never done before. Come learn with us and get the most out of summer vacation by learning to create, personalize, share and reflect on ideas with your fellow girls! Sign up today for one of our most intense and unique camps yet!


Andeanna Mata (Extrafancyrice) is the Connected Camps Lead Counselor for the Girls Program. She has a BA in Psychology from Azusa Pacific University.

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