Safe and Flexible Play Spaces for Kids through Minecraft, Roblox, and Esports Clubs

Kids in school… or out of school… or hybrid… games canceled… activities postponed… quarantined…Covid keeps rearing its head and throwing off our plans and schedules. When we first designed our fun online camps and clubs in Minecraft and Roblox a few years ago, we knew they would be helpful for families, but we never imagined just how vital they would become. 

As a parent, I feel bad when I think about the activities and events that my kids have been missing out on. As a family, we’ve been seeking ways for them to be creative and engage with friends even at those times that they are stuck at home. At Connected Camps, we understand that your kids want to play and have fun, and you want their brains to be active. We’re here for you, with drop-in video game clubs for Minecraft, Roblox, and esports; a free Kid Club Minecraft server; and ideas for connecting and playing with your tech-loving kids.

Video Game Clubs

Our clubs can easily fit into your ever-changing schedule. They provide your kids with a moderated space to play their favorite games, learn new tech skills and improve existing ones, and connect with friends. Our clubs are a community of gaming enthusiasts who play and create together with the help of expert coaches and counselors. 

Do the kids love it as much as we do? Absolutely! We just got this 5-star review of our Survival Club in Minecraft from the parents of one of our campers: “FABULOUS class! If we could give 10 stars, we would. Great engineering, teamwork, problem solving, and just plain fun! Teacher is amazing! Thank you.”

All clubs meet weekly at the same day and time for 90 minutes. Sign up for a series of sessions or just a handful, whatever works for your child(ren). Check out the full listing of Clubs on our website; here’s a sampling:

Builder’s Club is a community for Minecraft enthusiasts to collaborate in projects and build structures together. It takes the magic of Creative Mode a bit further by making it an enriching experience where kids can brainstorm, make decisions, and accomplish team goals.

Survival Club in Minecraft provides an adventure-filled guild where a community of like-minded gamers gather and overcome obstacles together. For advanced and older gamers, we offer Survival Club in Modded Minecraft. Kids play in a modded server that expands on the basics of Minecraft with new gameplay options. They’ll have the ability to buy, sell, and trade items. There’s also a wide array of paths to take through the mods like creating a high-tech factory or learning powerful magic.

Other Minecraft clubs include two girls’ programs which are inclusive learning environments where we welcome any child who identifies as female. Our friendly atmosphere is the perfect antidote to the sometimes over-competitive and intimidating online social world. There’s a Girls’ Builder’s Club and a Girls’ Survival Club.

If Roblox is your kids’ favorite, check out the Roblox Gaming Club. Like all our clubs, it meets once a week with constant fun new things to do! It’s a welcoming space in Roblox to make friends and enjoy mini-games together. At the start of each session, kids get to decide what games to play from a list of vetted activities. In her 5-star review of this club, Maria said, “My daughter had a lot of fun playing with other like-minded gaming kids in a safe environment. Thanks for hosting a wholesome, fun time.”

Kids love esports, but parents are sometimes wary about who else is playing online and what environment their kids are in. Have no fear, we carefully moderate our clubs to provide a positive and fun play space.

If your kids are into Fortnite, this club is just for them! It’s a space for players who are passionate about Fortnite and want to play, practice, and collaborate in a constructive environment. We’ll hold occasional in-house tournaments and custom challenges where they’re encouraged to flex their skills in 1v1 or team play.

 Our Overwatch Club is a guild of collaborative gamers who love to practice and play with each other. You’ll find a similar blend of community and competition in our clubs for Pokemon Sword & Shield, Smash Ultimate, and the ever-popular Rocket League. Meagan’s son participated in our Rocket League club recently. Her review underscores our point about bringing kids together despite Covid: “My son is loving this class and it is offering a great social outlet during our time at home.”     

Pop-In to Kid Club: Our Free Minecraft Server

Those afterschool and early evening hours can drag on forever for bored kids. Have them jump online and play in our Kid Club! Kid Club is a free, safe, kid-friendly Minecraft server for kids ages 8-13. It’s also an online community where kids can explore their own creativity through unstructured play, collaborate with peers, and deepen their knowledge of Minecraft. If Kid Club is open, our quality counselors are present to ensure a positive environment, challenge kids to explore and learn, and foster a friendly community. It’s easy and free to join!

Connecting with Your Tech-Loving Kids

This extended up-and-down, in-and-out time provides an interesting opportunity to connect with your kids. You’re probably spending more time together, which gives you a chance to learn more about their interests and share some of yours.

If your kids love Roblox, sit down together and check out some of our recommended games. Challenge them to a game of Freeze Tag or Roblox Uno. Will your traditional skills beat their tech skills? Trust me, they will love it if they beat you! Taking a real interest in what your kids love goes a long way to building relationship.

Learn from your kids and try leveraging technology to connect with each other and your extended family. My kids and I share cute dog posts and memes by text, and we love laughing together about them. Of course, there’s a balance, and you don’t want to be always immersed in tech. We shared some relevant tips in this blog that are helpful for keeping perspective throughout the year. 

Whether it’s resources on our blog, our free Minecraft server, or one of our clubs, it’s our hope to provide some support for the challenges that families are navigating during these tumultuous times!