Registration is live! Online Summer Camps in Minecraft

Announcing: Our 2017 Online Summer Camps in Minecraft Offerings

We’re happy to announce our slate of 2017 online summer camps in Minecraft. Choose from week-long camps in Survival, Architecture, Game Design, Coding, or Engineering with Redstone. 

Click here to view the full schedule.

It can be hard to find tech camps in your area that are affordable, work with your kid’s busy schedule, and tap into a passion for all things Minecraft. And knowing what to look for in a tech camp isn’t always as easy as it seems. We’ve got you covered on both accounts.

An Awesome Community

Designed to ignite an interest in tech and a passion for learning our online camps are immersive, fun, and full of opportunities for your child to connect with other kids. Our online camp community is made up of kids and expert counselors learning to code, build, design, and engineer together.

We staff our camps with counselors who are as enthusiastic about Minecraft as our campers. They come from top university programs in computer science, game development, and design. And they are passionate about engaging kids in activities that are both challenging and fun.

For example, Kelly O., described her family’s 2016 camp experience this way: “If your kiddo loves Minecraft have them join. Awesome benefits: Reading, Writing, Conversing, Typing, And playing with kids their own age :)”

The 5 day camps include 10 hours of online instruction on our custom Minecraft servers, led by our expert counselors. Camp sessions run for 2 hours each day.

Fun and Flexible

We’ve served thousands of kids in our online camps in the past few years including tons of girls. Girls enroll in the girls-only camps and the co-ed ones in equal measure. The flexibility of the online camp structure means that your child can log in from anywhere they can find good wi-fi.

We loved this note from Janna Masters Pye, the mom of one of last summer’s girl campers:

“I wanted to share a picture of my daughter attending beginning coding at a Starbucks. She had a riding lesson just before and we didn’t have time to make it home so we stopped in for refreshments and Wifi. She is LOVING this camp. I was a bit skeptical about the camp at first but it is truly awesome and the counselors are incredible!”

Janna’s daughter attending Beginning Coding Camp from Starbucks

Crafting Great Learning

So what should you look for in an online tech a camp? We think extraordinary learning is powered by three things: great people, shared interests, engaging activities, and a community kids can return to again and again. As Ann T., a parent from one of our camp’s last summer wrote us,

“So much fun at Redstone camp. He is in my conference room being creative and having fun. My son is so much more confident online and this is our second Connected Camp! Thanks for such a fun way to learn!!”

Ann T.'s son learning to engineer with redstone
Ann T.’s son in our Engineering with Redstone Summer Camp 2015

And our community will be there for your child once camp ends. As a camper, your child can continue to refine the skills they are learning in camp on our moderated, year-round Kid Club server. It comes free with camp registration.

So if you’re looking to connect your child to an online community where they can geek out in the company of others, enrolling in an online summer camp in Minecraft might be just the thing for you.  

Click here to see our full schedule of Online Summer Camps in Minecraft.

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