Parent Insights about Connected Camps

As a parent, I value reviews and input on programs before I entrust others with my child’s time and attention and malleable mind – and before I invest money! You probably feel the same way.

Here are some insights from parents whose kids have recently completed our programs; they’ll help you see how we’re providing connected learning experiences that foster creativity, problem solving, collaboration, and interest-driven learning. 

Our counselors and coaches are college students studying computer science, game development, economics, sports performance, and design. They create an online learning environment that is socially supportive, connects interests to achievement, and gives kids the experience of joyful learning.

Supportive Social Environment

Maintaining an online learning environment that is both fun and productive can be a challenge. Our counselors rely on our Code of Conduct, and they are trained on classroom management techniques tailored to Zoom and in Minecraft, Roblox and other games they teach with.

“My son had a lot of fun in [the Survival Camp in Minecraft]. He would wake up every morning thinking about what he would do in the class. The teacher did a great job developing rules with the students so that they got along,” Casey said. 

Grace’s daughter loved her Game Design Course and said that the instructor “taught his students very well with kindness.” Her daughter even “considered this class as an award for her hard work from school.”

For the Architecture Business Camp, Susan liked the breakout rooms where kids could work independently or in small groups, as well as working on full-class projects. Her 11-year-old son said, “They help you learn and it’s a really fun place to interact with other kids.”

Connecting Interests to Achievement  

Our programs are designed to connect kids’ interest in games to new subjects like coding as well as real-world skills.  This blog describes the importance of that interest-based learning

Vadja, a parent, describes it perfectly: “Minecraft may have been the medium, but coding and creativity were what was taught. My son was consistently excited and enthusiastic about what he learned in class. In fact, the hour after every class was usually spent with him explaining to me what he did in great detail.”

Michelle’s son took the Coding Camp in Minecraft, and she echoes Vadja’s thoughts: “My son had never done any coding before but he was quickly able to pick it up, and the teacher was very patient and helpful. My son really enjoyed it and felt a big sense of accomplishment when he could get the robot to do what he wanted.”

Our counselors are near-peer mentors who not only teach specific course content, they also provide real-world guidance. After an Esports Camp, Katie said, “Great experience! The coach was very encouraging and supportive and gave kids a lot of suggestions that would work in Fortnite and in life as well, like goal setting and strategy.”

Joyful Learning

You can see that there’s a lot more going on in our camps than just playing! And while we love hearing how much kids are learning, we admit that we also like to hear some fun stories like this one from Cristie Marie: “My 11-year-old LOVED this class (Engineering Camp in Minecraft)! After his class, he conned his older brothers into a game of Minecraft and quickly proceeded to outsmart them in a newly-created world. Lol! He loved every second of every day.” Let’s hear it for the younger siblings showing how it’s done!

All parents are concerned about how to help their kids through social isolation due to coronavirus, and Kristilyn shared how the Game Design Camp in Minecraft was helpful in that regard: “This is just what my daughter needed and wanted coming out of the COVID season. Expect a lot of joy!!!! Got the endorphins, creativity and communication going.”

This may be our favorite review ever: “My son said he would give [Coding Camp in Minecraft] 6 billion stars!”

Lots of Options

As summer wraps up and we head into the school year, Connected Camps will continue to be a great place for your kids to safely learn and play online. Check out all our programs to find the right fit for your family. Whether you want instructional programs like those described above, or a free moderated server for your kids, tweens, and teens to create in Minecraft, tap into all that we offer. We can’t wait to read the reviews of your experience!