All the Magic of Summer Camps, Online – Announcing Our 2018 Summer Camps in Minecraft

We’re happy to announce our slate of 2018 online summer camps in Minecraft. Choose from week-long Survival, Adventure, or Creative Camps. We offer co-ed or girls only programs for all three camps. Each week of camp has a unique theme – Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Metal, Ice, Light and Electric!

It can be hard to find tech camps that are staffed by expert counselors, convenient, and affordable. We’ve got you covered all three counts.

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A Supportive and Expert Learning Community

counselors in our online summer camps in Minecraft
Connected Camps counselors are always there to help

Our online camps ignite creativity and a passion for tech learning. Connected Camps counselors are as enthusiastic about Minecraft as our campers, and come from top university programs in computer science, game development, and design. They organize collaborative projects and adventures that are both challenging and fun.

“Everyone was great!” says one parent. “The mentors were helpful, patient, knowledgeable and relatable.” Another parent describes their family’s experience this way: “If your kiddo loves Minecraft have them join. Awesome benefits: Reading, Writing, Conversing, Typing, And playing with kids their own age :).”

Virtual Camps Mean Convenience and Flexibility

online summer camps in Minecraft are convenient
Ann T.’s son in one of our 2015 summer camps

Our campers connect from the comfort of home or anywhere they can get online in Minecraft. This means your kids can fit some tech learning and connect to new friends wherever summer might find you. Camps run on weekdays, for 90 minute sessions throughout the summer

In the first few days of camp kids get comfortable with communicating, playing, and building together online. The campers are connected via audio chat as well as on the Minecraft server, which means they don’t have to be speedy typists, and the counselors can easily keep tabs on what’s happening.

We’ve served thousands of kids in our online camps in the past few years. Janna Masters Pye, the mom of one of our summer’s girl campers says “I was a bit skeptical about the camp at first but it is truly awesome and the counselors are incredible!”

Affordable and Accessible Year-Round

Extraordinary learning is powered by great people, shared interests, engaging activities, and a community kids can return to again and again. An online camp and community means that kids can stay connected to our community year round without breaking the bank.

Unlike traditional camps, our summer camps in Minecraft connect the interests that are sparked during the summer to learning year round. We encourage all our campers to become members of Connected Camps Labs so they can continue to work with counselors and other kids in leveling up their tech and media making skills even after camp is over. Annual lab members also get 50% off summer camps!

A parent wrote us, “This was the first time that [my daughter] immersed herself into an activity on her own, without any nudging from me. In fact, she woke up early (unheard of) just to be the first in the game. I also want to thank you for making this opportunity affordable.”

So if you’re looking to connect your child to an online community where they can geek out in the company of others, enrolling in an online summer camp in Minecraft might be just the thing for you.  

Click here to grab your for summer camps in Minecraft, and start a free trial in Connected Camps Labs.

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