Online Play for your Tweens and Teens: “Halloweekends” plus Parties and Team Events

Connected Camps has lots of options for your kids to have fun and socialize! Using Minecraft and popular esports titles, our creative counselors will have them laughing, building, and playing with their friends online. This is especially important now that so many in-person options are not available. With Connected Camps, your family can engage in free Halloweekends, plus host reasonably-priced Halloween and birthday parties or other events for their teams and friends. 

Halloween is Here! 

Connected Camps is scaring up some online fun for kids and teens with Halloween-themed activities and challenges in its Minecraft servers. These “Halloweekends” will offer free spooky fun for all participants and will be offered on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 1:30 – 5:30 pm Pacific Time through November 1. 

Kids love building and playing online using Minecraft, and Connected Camps offers two free Minecraft servers. Kid Club is for ages 8-13, and Connected Craft is for 13 to 17-year-olds. For safety, these are whitelisted servers that limit who can enter, and expert counselors are always online in both servers. They keep the atmosphere upbeat, offer new challenges and activity ideas, and provide insights for advanced building techniques and STEM skills. 

Fun activities will include a Pumpkin “Carving” Build Activity, Monster Mash Halloween Tournament, Elytra Witch Races, Haunted House Building Competition, and Dia de Los Muertos Altar Building. Kids will want to come back for new challenges and fun every weekend this month!

If your kids want to have a custom Halloween party with their own group of friends, we’ll make it happen! Book a low-cost private party, invite your guests, and we’ll have the themed party area ready and waiting online. They may find themselves “trapped” in a spooky maze; they’ll need to survive long enough to find the exit. Or they can gather their friends and allies for a Halloween dungeon crawl in the Spooky Tower. Let us know what’s fun for your kids, and we’ll tailor the activities just for them. 

Families are looking for unique Halloween fun this year; find it at Connected Camps, where we’ll let kids get spooky and creative! 

Online Birthday Parties

Drive-by parades were fun at first, but kids really want to be with their friends for parties. Connected Camps is just the place to safely gather and play. We’ll work with you to create something special for your child

Does your child love roller coasters? They can team up with their friends to create their dream 

coaster in Minecraft. Want to do a themed party? We’ll develop something special that focuses on their favorite animal or Minecraft mob (short for mobile; these are living, moving creatures such as horses, mooshrooms, ocelots, etc.). Obsessed with the movie Frozen? Recreate the castle with friends. Love fish? Hold a party “in” an aquarium! 

We’ll set up birthday-themed minigames if they want, or keep a separate area of their Minecraft world ready for them to come up with their own ideas on the spot! A party with Connected Camps blends structure and spontaneity to help your child make their big day one to remember with their friends. Contact us to set up a custom party your child will love.

Build Team Spirit and Friendships Online

As physical distancing stretches on, it’s easy for kids to feel isolated from their friends and teammates. They need those social connections. As this post points out, due to the pandemic, “friendships will be maintained online in ways that they never have before.” 

Even if they can’t play on a field together, kids can still get together online! We’ll set up specific activities that appeal to your child or group. We had one team ask us to coordinate a Rocket League game for its members. In a virtual environment, the kids are able to play games like this together and hang out on Zoom. They can chat and laugh (and throw down challenges, of course!). Meanwhile, they get coaching and advice from a qualified counselor, building team bonds as they play. 

Whether you’re looking for a fun way to celebrate Halloween, want to host a birthday party, or are planning a themed event, turn to Connected Camps. We’ll help you do something memorable that fits your budget.