Modding: It’s Easy with MCreator

Product: MCreator
Glows: Free, Makes modding simple, don’t have to know how to code, easy to share creations, lots of free resources available.
Grows: Requires some tech knowledge, not always easy to use.
Bottom Line: MCreator is a program that will allow your child to easily create custom Minecraft mods. It has a relatively simple interface, but does require some technical know-how.
Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Do you have a tech-savvy Minecrafter who is constantly looking for new ways to make Minecraft better? Why not encourage them to take a crack at creating their own mod? “Mods” are player-created custom modifications to Minecraft that change or add to the game in some way.

The world of mods is vast and limited only by one’s imagination (and technical skill). For example, there are countless Minecraft mods that add new blocks to the game like this Extra Blocks Mod.There are mods that add new monsters, new mechanics, new quests; almost anything you can imagine!

Extra Blocks mod

Learning to mod is both challenging and fun and is one way to nurture your child’s interest in design and coding. Back in the day, modding required your child to crack open the source code of the game. Now there are programs like MCreator that do most of the heavy lifting.

How It Works

MCreator has a simple, easy-to-use interface, so getting started on a mod is easy. Creat a new mob, item, block, or screen overlay by using a series of option boxes and dropdown menus in MCreator’s workspace. MCreator asks how you want your new object to look and behave and provides you with numerous options.

Create a mod and test it by launching Minecraft through MCreator. It takes a moment to compile everything you’ve made but eventually a new Minecraft window will open and you can test out your new mod.

MCreator UI

Not for Newbies

MCreator requires some pre-existing tech-savvy and I don’t recommend using it without learning a bit about modding or at least knowing a lot about Minecraft first. Luckily, the MCreator wiki has everything your child needs to get started, including tutorials on how to create new mods and explanations for each option MCreator provides.

Once they’ve learned the basics, your child can let their imagination run wild! With a little time they might create something amazing, like this Minecraft recreation of The Legend of Zelda:

Zelda mod

Get Started

Downloading MCreator is a little tricky. You will have to select your operating system and indicate whether your computer is 32 or 64 bit. (Click here to learn how to get this information, if you own a PC. Click here if you own a Mac.) Click here to download MCreator.

Be aware that there is an ad that shows up with the download. Just click in the top right corner of the window and you can continue with the download.

Once you’re child is set up and ready to go have them head over to the MCreator wiki for details on how to use the program.

I recommend having your child start with something simple, like making a new block with a custom texture and behavior. Once they’ve mastered that, encourage them to continue to experiment and mod Minecraft to their heart’s content.

Catherine Fox is a Connected Camps Assistant Camp Director with a BA degree in Interactive Entertainment from USC.

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