Modding in Minecraft

Minecraft modding has become a very popular way that kids level up in their play of one of their favorite online games. It’s no surprise that a favorite new program from Connected Camps is How to mod in Minecraft.

If your kids are ready to take their Minecraft play to the next level, they’ll love modding. This blog will help you understand what mods are, outline our programs, and show you the skills your kids can develop through our modding camps and courses.

What is a mod?

Video game mods allow players to tweak games and customize (modify) the way the game is played. In our camps and courses, your kids will learn how to use MCreator to customize their Minecraft experience into one that is uniquely theirs.

Players can break the mold by adding new elements to a game such as items and recipes. They craft personalized, in-game objects and explore the intricacies of how Minecraft really works.

Connected Campers receive expert guidance as they design, refine, and test run each mod, adding a new level of gameplay to Minecraft based on their in-game knowledge. If your kids are looking for new challenges in Minecraft, learning how to mod will provide those.

Minecraft Modding Programs

Our camps, courses, and clubs are meant for Intermediate level players who want to learn to mod in Minecraft. Participants will need some prior experience with Minecraft, plus experience in computer folder and file navigation. As kids learn from the counselor and other players, they’ll develop skills to design even more mods in the future, adding a layer of complexity to their ongoing Minecraft experience.

Participants will:

— Use MCreator to mod and add custom objects, textures, and interactions.

— Walk through the process of creating, refining, and playtesting a basic Minecraft mod.

— Explore the foundations of vanilla Minecraft to get a deeper understanding of how the game works so they can design their own elements and interactions.

— Playtest their creations and use feedback from others to improve the design.

Carine said, “My 14-year-old was really into this class. Modding was something he was aware of but had no idea how and where to start. The class kept his attention and he reviewed the experience favorably.”

Our camps run for five days in a single week; courses are one day per week for eight weeks. Ongoing clubs are available each week for kids to join as they like. Depending on the chosen format, your kids will have slightly different experiences. They’re also different each time, so kids can join more than once and keep learning and exploring:

In our Minecraft Modding Camp and Course, kids learn the same core skills each session, but they get to express them however they would like. For example, they will always learn about creating Items, Tools, and Armor on Day 4, but they get to choose what kind of Items / Tools / Armors they want to add to their mod on that day. Kids will build understanding and skills as they create one single mod over the duration of the program.

In our ongoing Clubs, creativity is a much higher priority. Kids spend the entirety of that ongoing program working on whatever type of modding they prefer. They can work on one single project for multiple weeks, they can try something new each time, they can team up with someone else in the Club to work on a mod, or they can participate in one of our pre-planned Modding challenges.

Best of all, in all three programs, kids learn how to export their mod to play it in Minecraft and share with (or maybe show off to!) others.

Skills Developed

Playing Minecraft can be a great afterschool or weekend activity for kids. In the right kind of multi-player environment, they can interact socially with others who have the same interests, learn to collaborate with others, and hone valuable technology skills. Plus, with Connected Camps, they get the benefit of near-peer mentorship from relatable counselors.

As you’ve seen, modding in Minecraft is a step up from normal play. Your child has worked hard to master the intricacies of Minecraft; now they will truly be able to use their vast in-game knowledge to their advantage.

Creating and implementing a mod successfully is a highly creative process and requires a lot of critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Megan said, “My 10 year-old absolutely enjoyed this class.  She rated the teacher an “A-plus”, and can’t wait to take another class with him. She’s a huge Minecraft fan, so she was very interested in learning how to create mods (modifications) in the game.”

Helen told us, “My daughter who is 12 loved this class. She looked forward to it and found it challenging enough to keep it interesting, but not overwhelming. She learned so much and is still doing fun things with her knowledge weeks after the class ended.”

If your kids are ready to step up their level of Minecraft play, enroll them in a Modding camp, course, or club