How Minecraft and Roblox Help Build Soft Skills and Career Exploration

This fall, Connected Camps is offering a ton of fun camps and courses in Minecraft, Roblox, and other popular games. Kids are back in school, and we’ll keep them from being bored in those afterschool hours and weekends. Bonus: they’ll even learn while they’re having fun!

Since it is back-to-school season, let’s review some of the learning that happens in our Connected Camps programs. You’ll see how exposure to career-relevant fields and “soft skills” are woven through every camp, club, and course we offer.

Awareness of job skills and career paths (already?!)

At what age should kids start thinking about careers? We don’t want to pressure our kids too early, but it’s good for them to explore different interests and find what drives them. If they can find work that relates to their passions, they’ll be so much happier.

Mimi Ito, co-founder of Connected Camps, says that her son’s love of gaming was foundational to his interest in computer science, which is his college major now. My son has been fascinated with airplanes and flight since fourth grade; he used to spend hours on the Microsoft Flight Simulator. He just started college and is studying aerospace engineering. 

Playing computer games might help kids choose a path related to certain games, or they may choose an entirely different field. Either way, playing games can provide a snapshot of different careers and areas of life, perhaps sparking an interest in a certain area. Here are some popular topics that kids like to explore in Connected Camps:

Coding and Game design: Kids can take a variety of our courses to venture into the world of computer programming by exploring the logic behind code. They might design robots to solve Minecraft challenges. Perhaps they’ll learn the Lua programming language and basic game design principles to craft their own unique Roblox game. They could even delve into the fundamental principles of game design to create mini-games or mods in Minecraft.

Engineering: How can Minecraft’s Redstone be used to power custom creations? Your kids can explore that power and build dynamic devices from automatic doors to fully-functioning rail systems. Yvette said, “My son really enjoyed this Minecraft camp. He liked learning to make more complex builds with Redstone, particularly piston doors.” We also offer specific girls’ engineering camps and courses, with a friendly atmosphere designed to foster their creativity.

Budgeting and business: In Architecture Business in Minecraft, kids are immersed in the business side of real estate, where they design stunning buildings for clients and sell them for profit. One parent told us: “My son (11) absolutely loved this camp—the concept of developing a building and selling it was so cool to him.”

Video production: There are lots of careers that blend technology and the arts. For example, in our YouTube Video camp, kids can start their journey as a YouTube artist by capturing, editing, and producing a uniquely themed Minecraft video project.

Check out our programs to see what topics appeal to your kids. They’ll have fun exploring these topics and may even zero in on a special path for their future.

Learning “soft skills”

Soft skills are interpersonal and behavioral skills that help you work well with other people. Our camps, clubs, and courses provide a moderated space where kids develop those skills. Our quality counselors provide guidance throughout the programs, helping kids learn how to resolve conflict, work together to finish a task, and communicate about a project. identifies several important soft skills, including:

  • Effective communication
  • Teamwork
  • Adaptability
  • Conflict resolution
  • Problem-solving

Your kids will build all those skills and more as they play and build in Minecraft and Roblox. To some people, esports seem like unlikely venues for learning. But esports happen in team-based games, so even when your kids are playing Fortnite and Rocket League, they’re developing life skills right along with game skills.

Josh told us, “My son enjoyed his class and learned some great new problem-solving skills.” Heather said, “The teacher did a great job letting the kids have fun and play while teaching them how to make things. She tested out their roller coasters and made suggestions on how they could work together. They sometimes got to work by themselves and sometimes in groups. I thought it was a really good experience for my son to play and learn.”

When your child joins a program with Connected Camps, their focus will be having fun and playing with other kids. But as you can see, they’ll also learn a lot of skills that will serve them well throughout their lives. Have your kids check out the variety of programs we offer, and enroll today!