Minecraft Replay Mod: Create Your Own Minecraft Videos

Product: Replay Mod is a modification for Minecraft that allows you to record, replay, and share your gaming experiences. The videos are lightweight (even one-hour recordings are only 10 megabytes) and you can share your recordings in Replay Mod’s Replay Center.

Glows: Replay Mod lets you create slick-looking Minecraft videos quickly and easily. I particularly like making time-lapse build videos. Installing this mod won’t cause any lag problems in Minecraft, and Replay Mode includes powerful camera control tools that give you lots of flexibility.

Grows: I recommend that you have some familiarity with using and installing mods before you use Replay Mod, as this mod can be challenging to set up for beginners. The interface also isn’t terribly intuitive, so it can be difficult to get around in the program when you’re getting started.

Bottom Line: Setting up Replay Mod can be more tedious than most mods, and learning to use it properly will take time. Despite my complaints, though, I think it’s a solid tool for anyone looking to create Minecraft videos. The ability to animate a third-person camera is great, and creating videos with Replay Mod is better than recording gameplay in first person with OBS, which we’ve covered here.

Rating: 3/5 stars

What Is Replay Mod?

Replay Mod is a Minecraft mod that allows users to create great-looking Minecraft videos in minutes. Recordings can be edited without any installing additional video-editing software, then shared with the community via the Replay Center. Your recordings can also be rendered and edited in traditional video editing software, if you have FFmpeg installed on your computer.

How Replay Mod Works

The mod captures everything you do while playing Minecraft. When you’re done playing, you can open up the recording, edit camera perspectives and paths, and voila! It’s like you had a cameraman following you in the game the whole time.

Recordings are saved in a lightweight format on your computer (which means the files aren’t large and unwieldy, so you can share them easily).

Getting Started with Replay Mod

Replay Mod can be tricky to install.  If you are new to using mods, prepare for a bit of extra setup work.

You will need FFmpeg to use the Replay Mod’s Rendering feature. If you don’t have FFmpeg, there are instructions for installing it in the Replay Mod installation guide.

To get started, install Minecraft Forge, if you don’t already have it. Forge is a platform that is required to install and use some mods. You can find a Forge installation video here.

Next, you need to download and install the Replay Mod file. You can find detailed instructions in the Replay Mod installation guide.

Once you’ve got Replay Mod installed, you’re ready to make your first recording! You can hop into any Minecraft world (singleplayer or multiplayer). You may see a message in chat to let you know you’ve started recording. When you’re recording, everything you do will be captured by the mod. You can edit the camera perspective later.

If you need extra help during this setup process, check out CrushedPixel’s Replay Mod playlist on YouTube.

Beware These Replay Mod Problems

  1. During installation, you must match the version numbers of Replay Mod and Forge, otherwise you won’t be able to install the program. Pay close attention to your file names and make sure your version numbers match.
  2. Some other shader mods (modifications that change the graphics of the game) may not be compatible with Replay Mod.
  3. One of Replay Mod’s best features is Camera Paths, which lets you move your camera around a scene, like you’re filming a movie. In Replay Mod, you can create a “Camera Path” for the camera to follow over time. It’s easy to forget to save your camera paths before you close out the program, though, since the controls are hidden – so make sure you remember to save these before you close out Replay Mod.

The Replay Mod Community

There is an active and engaged Replay Mod community, and community members share lots of their videos in the Replay Center. You can check out the Center to browse, view, and download videos created by other Replay Mod users – or you can upload your own videos!

If you get stuck during the installation process, or when you’re trying to learn Replay Mod, you can get help in their documentation and forum areas.

Research for this review is courtesy of our very own Connected Camps counselor – Catherine Fox.

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