Kids Can Learn How Viruses Work or Visit Online Science Centers in STEM Courses in Minecraft and Roblox

Looking for programs for your kids that blend mental challenges with social interaction? In our STEM courses in Minecraft and Roblox, kids will do “hands-on” exploration and learn how viruses replicate and spread, discover differences between plant and animal cells, or explore an online science center to grasp principles of velocity and acceleration.  

With today’s physical distancing requirements, many kids are stuck on Zoom with dry lessons that lack hands-on activities and social interaction to make the information meaningful and inspiring. That’s not the case here!

Connected Camps expertly designs programs to maximize interest and activity for kids. Counselors are relatable near-peer mentors that lead online enrichment programs that are loaded with rich STEM content. Kids deeply explore several STEM subjects in 3D worlds through the power of Minecraft and Roblox, two of the most popular online games for youth. The setting also meets kids’ needs for social interaction, as counselors lead groups of students through live sessions and conversations in a safe and moderated online environment.

New STEM courses include:

  • Virology: COVID-19 has wrought a unique teachable moment relative to biology and virology. Every kid can picture the coronavirus, but what do they really know about it? In this course, students are submerged into the world of viruses. They probe and analyze how they’re transmitted and replicated, and they use antibodies to actively fight their spread. 
  • Cell biology: Students will have fun as they dive beneath the surface to learn how cells store information, duplicate, and transfer nutrients. For example, as they learn about photosynthesis, kids will travel the electron transport chain, gathering carbon dioxide, sunlight, and water. Then they make energy in the form of a fireworks show. 
  • Anthropology: Kids will virtually visit the far-reaching corners of different civilizations to analyze the artifacts and structures left behind by the past. They’ll unearth the remains of ancient human culture and society and learn scientific observation methods as they excavate and explore historical origins, cultures, and rituals.
  • Physics: Like visiting a science center, kids will explore interactive exhibits to learn physics basics through scientific play and discovery! In Roblox, they’ll explore the basics of motion and the relationship between velocity, acceleration, forces, and momentum. 
  • Rube Goldberg: Behind every successful Rube Goldberg machine is an engineer who can tweak and create contraptions that adhere to the laws of physics! Students can use either Minecraft or Roblox to build a network of crazy chain reactions that complete a simple task in an overly complicated way. 

In addition, Connected Camps offers several exciting STEM-focused courses, including architecture, astronomy, and zoology, plus many technology options such as coding and game design. 


Counselor Sebastian said, “The kids love learning this way because they can really explore something and completely understand it. A worksheet with a diagram of a virus or a machine is flat and uninteresting, but in these courses they get to explore all sides of something and grasp its intricacies. That’s not only fun, it’s memorable.”

Connected Camps also tailors programs for pandemic pods, homeschool groups, quarantine bubbles, and more. Clubs, families, and student or friend groups can work with Connected Camps to create their perfect class, afterschool club, camp, or event. 

Kids may be stuck at home because of Covid, but we’ll make sure they have fun creating, learning, and playing with friends. Find the courses that fits your family’s interests, and sign up today!