Keep Your Kids’ Minds Active and Their Hearts Happy

Connected Camps has a full line-up of fun activities that your kids can do on Thanksgiving break, through dreary December, over the winter holidays, and on into the new year. Even in crazy 2020, the holiday season will be a busy time of year. You can feel good about having your kids join our online camps and clubs: just the right amount of exploratory learning is blended into the fun.

Your kids will be hanging out with others their age as they use the latest tech tools to create. While they’re joking around and working on their latest creation, they’ll be getting mentored by a bright college student. Meanwhile, you’ll have time to finish your online shopping without anyone peering over your shoulder, or you can bake that favorite recipe in peace while reminiscing about family memories. You won’t feel guilty because your kids will be having a blast!

Connected Camps awesome counselors have assembled a full slate of options. From seasonal camps and courses to themed holiday activities, you’ll find something to keep your kids’ minds active and their hearts happy.

Fall and Winter Camps and Courses

Your kids will gobble up the fun with our special programs! Thanksgiving week, there are  several options including Coding, Survival, and more. Continuing into December, there will be coding camps in both Minecraft and Roblox, plus Engineering and Game Design Camps. Minecraft Survival Camps are super popular, so don’t wait to sign up! Check out all the options here.

New weekly courses in Minecraft start soon too. Kids can learn Ancient History, Architecture, or Astronomy, or even start producing their own YouTube videos.

Here’s one family’s experience, as described in the BenSpark Family Adventures blog*: “The course that Andy is taking will get him building his own mini games in Minecraft. Today was his first class and I helped him get set up, but once we connected with the online mentor for the class, she guided him through everything else… I could hear Andy having a great time in the class. I am excited to see what he learns during this and look forward to him being able to pop in on the free [Kid Club] server during the days and times when it is open.”

Free Themed Activities in Minecraft

Kid Club is a completely free online Minecraft server that is moderated by Connected Camps’ expert online mentors. BenSpark described it this way: “This is a safe environment where kids learn to work and play together online which is a great skill to have and is especially important for kids who are stuck at home and feeling isolated. I want Andy to be able to make new friends in a safe space.”

Kid Club counselors have created fun Fallidays experiences, from a Builder’s Guild’s Pie Making Event to an Explorer’s Guild with an Apple Picking Treasure Hunt. There will be plenty of mini-games and build challenges for everyone to enjoy. Come back for winter fun too! We’re planning fun winter activities that capture the excitement and anticipation of a Snow Day with snow-themed builds and more.

Kid Club is free and for Minecraft enthusiasts ages 8 – 13. Simply register and we’ll safelist your youngsters so they can join in on the fun.

Building Happiness in Connected Campers

Especially this year, most kids are spending more time on their computers than ever. We’ll make sure that the time they spend with Connected Camps counts. Our founders are “girl geeks”– moms with years of experience as educators and a passion for the positive potential of technology. They work closely with the counselors to create programs that tap into the latest research about learning through technology, while they help kids build real friendships through online camaraderie. See for yourself in this Mom 2.0 video interview of co-founder Katie Salen Tekinbaş and counselor Karen Pham.

Mom Karen Alpert (AKA Baby Sideburns) loved her kids’ experience with Connected Camps. When they took some of our camps*, she said: “This is a way for them to be on a screen but still be social and creative, and learning how to problem-solve… My kids are LOVING it!” 

Whether you’re seeking educational enrichment for your child, want to keep the kids busy while you take care of your to-do list, or a mix of both, check out Connected Camps engaging programs.


*Disclosure: The family received free access to programs which were used as the basis for this review.