Join our Online Teen Volunteer Program!

Connected Camps is calling all high school students who love gaming, learning and technology! How would you like to be a part of our Minecraft, Roblox, and esports online summer camps? With school winding down for the summer, our team has put out a call to our high school students to find applicants for our teen volunteer camp counselor program. 

Volunteers work side by side with our online counselors to run our virtual summer camps and moderate our free Minecraft servers. Camps include topics like coding, archaeology, Roman history, animation, and theatre in Minecraft, to coding and game design in Roblox, as well as esports. We have something for everyone!

“Volunteering has taught me patience and the ability to talk in a crowd. When volunteering, I’d get to go out of my comfort zone and take the lead,” said Collin, one of our online Teen Volunteer Counselors. Getting out of our comfort zone and public speaking are two skills that are important for professionals in all careers, and we’re excited to create an environment where we’re not only mentoring our campers but also our future counselors too.

Being a part of Connected Camps is a unique experience that is shared across the board and almost everyone we’ve asked has described their journey in one word: “Fun”!

Our Teen Volunteer Program

Connected Camps recruits our counselors through our Teen Volunteer Program, a leadership mentoring program that allows teenage volunteers to work alongside our lead camp counselors, earning community service hours while having tons of fun! Volunteers work an average of 10 hours per week for four weeks in the summer, which includes training and weekly check ins with mentors.

During this mentoring program our teen volunteers help run camps, as well as mentor our camp attendees. Our teen volunteers then get a chance to see how camps are prepared behind-the-scenes, as well as get to learn how to facilitate, speak in public, and resolve conflict. 

Our trained counselors provide exciting opportunities for teens to gain new skills and develop their passions under the mentorship of the Teen Volunteer Program.

What Do Volunteers Say About the Program?

Volunteering with Connected Camps can open up some pretty cool opportunities for the future. In fact, some of our Teen Volunteers have been hired as Connected Camps counselors. Regardless of the journey, our volunteers leave the program with great memories and new skills to implement in college and beyond. 

Nick, one of our Volunteer Counselors says: “I get to do something I love and guide and advise up and coming Minecraft enthusiasts as they explore the many adventures Minecraft offers.”

Another Volunteer Counselor, Charlotte said the following about her experience with Connected Camps: 

“My favorite part about volunteering at Connected Camps is definitely the reaction of campers when they figure out the solution to a difficult problem that they had been working on. Whether it be in coding, redstone engineering, or any of the activities we do in camps and labs, it always brings a smile to my face when I know that they are proud of what they have accomplished and learned!”

Our environment enables high school students to mature and gain new skills as they dive into the volunteering program. A great example is Gabriel, who said: “You get to be open to the kids, and you never know what kind of personalities you may find. In general, Connected Camps is teaching me to better communicate with others, and effectively teach.” 

We are so excited to meet the next group of Volunteer Counselors and invite teens from all backgrounds to apply!

How to Apply for the Teen Volunteer Program

Applying to join our Volunteer Teen Program is quick and easy. 

There are only a handful of requirements: 

  • First, we’re looking for high school students in the United States. 
  • Next, volunteers should have access to a stable broadband connection that has sufficient bandwidth to support gaming. 
  • Ensure the minimum technology requirements for the titles we use in our camps. You can review the current camp schedule here.
  • Own a headset or microphone and have access to TeamSpeak and Zoom

We accept applications throughout the year, and with the demand for our camps at all-time highs, we’d love to have more Volunteer Counselors join the fun! 

Applying for the Teen Volunteer Program only takes a few minutes by using our online application form.