Join in Winter Fun with Connected Camps

The holiday spirit is all around us; let your kids experience some holiday fun through their online gaming too! Connected Camps offers fun camps and programs through the holidays, and so do some of the game companies with titles that are popular among our campers. Read on to learn more about Connected Camps winter camps, Fortnite Winterfest, Overwatch Winter Wonderland, and of course our own Fortnite and Overwatch clubs.

Brrr! Winter Survival Camp

Minecraft’s Survival Mode is popular among youth, and Connected Camps is excited to challenge campers to Team Up & Survive the Cold in our Winter Survival Camp in Minecraft. By combining Minecraft with education, your child will be able to engage their passions as they have fun in a positive, interest-driven environment. In this camp, learners gather with other friendly adventurers and overcome obstacles in a custom winter-themed Minecraft world. The winter events in this version of our Survival Camp gives students a chance to experience the bond of a community under unique conditions compared to what they may have seen before! 

Melissa wrote a 5-star review and said, “Our son really liked this class, and we liked the dates that it was offered so that he had something fun to look forward to over his winter break.” 

Molly gave 5 stars after she joined the camp, saying: “It was amazing! We got to travel through a cold world where the furnace’s fuel was always running out. The trades at the hall were amazing, and we could get full netherite armor. I got to trade with piglins and battle monsters in dungeons! Five stars; totally recommended.” 

Snow is falling in Fortnite and Overwatch

Our popular esports programs include camps and clubs in favorite game titles. Right now, the internet and our esports counselors are abuzz with speculation about winter-themed seasons for Fortnite and Overwatch. Here’s what some of the insiders are saying:

Fortnite Winterfest 2022 is expected to begin around December 4 (when the new Fortnite Season starts). That’s a bit earlier than last year’s Winterfest, so mark your calendars and keep your eyes open! is predicting that Fortnite Winterfest will include gifts under the tree that players can open that will grant free skins and cosmetics. They said that, for the past few years, there was also an option to visit a shack in the lobby to open a nice gift every day. Additionally, players can expect new winter themed skins and cosmetics in the item shop. It is likely that the island will be covered in snow to add to the holiday spirit, at least during Fortnite Winterfest 2022.

Overwatch players are also looking forward to an annual holiday event, the Winter Wonderland. During this time, new game modes and new skins are available for players to enjoy. Custom game modes are available to play as well. says there will likely be custom games such as Mei’s Snowball Offensive where all players play as Mei and players use snowballs for attacks, and that players can expect new game modes since “Blizzard will want to step it up in Overwatch 2.”

Players should expect the Winter Wonderland event to be officially announced soon, with the event starting mid-December and lasting a few weeks.

Winter Club Fun

Connected Camps offers moderated online game clubs that provide a positive atmosphere for playing popular games. If you want your kids to have a safe place to gather with other kids for special events like the Fortnite Winterfest or Overwatch Winter Wonderland, sign up for one of our clubs!

Fortnite Club: play and practice with others in an inclusive environment under the guidance of an experienced counselor. Our clubs offer a place to connect with a community of other Fortnite enthusiasts to play and thrive together. Participants join weekly organized events with fun custom challenges, mini tournaments, and group scrims. They will band together and support one another to set and achieve independent goals. Whether your child is a casual player or an avid twitch streamer, we welcome every type of gamer in this club!

In her 5-star review, Jennifer said, “This was an excellent way for my child to learn how to play Fortnite and interact with other players in a way that felt very safe to me. He has become good online friends with several of the kids from the club and they play regularly together now.” Tatiana said her 11-year-old son “really loved this class. The class was a good size and the kids were having a blast. I heard all kinds of joyful teamwork and shouts of victory…for the length of the class. Lol Definitely a new weekly stop for us!”

Another popular place to play is our Overwatch Club. Similarly, this is a community of Overwatch enthusiasts who meet once a week or more to play, practice, and engage in organized events under the mentorship of an experienced counselor. With a strong focus on community-building, your learner will come together with similar gamers who are passionate about all things Overwatch. Ilyana, a parent, gave us 5 stars and said, “This is a great club with easygoing kids and [the counselor] is a very patient and helpful club host.”

Our counselors will set up fun activities and goals for kids to collaborate and achieve with others as they play Overwatch. We’ll also host different challenges and in-house tournaments so participants can flex their skills and abilities. They’ll get the freedom to play with others in small skirmishes and fun competitive challenges —even facing off in friendly duels with other students.

This season, Connected Camps will provide an engaging and safe place for your kids to unwind and have fun while playing their favorite games: winter-style! Check out our calendar to find the clubs or camps that work best for your holiday schedule.