Join Connected Camps and Pro Esports Players and Coaches on Twitch!

Connected Camps: now streaming on Twitch! We welcome kids (and their families!) to check out our channel to see our coaches and counselors in action. Click the purple Follow button on our page so you’ll know when our streams are live!

Although Twitch is super popular, we know that some parents are curious about the platform itself, as well as the content that’s there. In this post, we’ll give you an overview of Twitch, give you a chance to meet some pro esports players on our channel, discuss our stream content, and share about the popularity–and even benefits–of Twitch. 

Twitch 101

Parents might ask “What is Twitch and why is it popular?” Twitch is a livestreaming platform for gamers, artists, and creators. There are many streamers on Twitch that provide fun and educational content. 

Every Twitch channel has a community where people in the chat interact with the streamer. They can ask questions and comment on the material in real time. This appeals to youth because they feel like part of a community and can watch people play their favorite games.

Common Sense Media says, “For those who are passionate about a topic, livestreams offer something you can’t get anywhere else: in-the-moment action, the potential to interact with celebrity livestreamers, and a shared experience with other die-hard fans of whatever it is you’re into.”

Of course, as parents, you’ll want to check out the streamers that your child follows, and make sure their content is family-friendly. Connected Camps’ Twitch channel is a fun, safe place for kids who are into games and esports to hang out with others. We share quality content and moderate the chat to keep comments positive and appropriate. 

Exciting Opportunity: Professional Overwatch Players will Answer Your Questions On-Stream!

On Saturday March 27, 2021,  at 3:00 p.m. PT, Connected Camps will host two professional esports players on our stream! Houston Outlaws Overwatch flex support William “Crimzo” Hernandez will be joined on-stream by his teammate and main support player Enrique “Joobi” Triana. 

They will answer questions submitted in advance, so make sure that you and your kids go here to submit questions by Friday, March 26, at 5:00 p.m. PT. After answering questions,  they will discuss a pro OWL vod (esports lingo for video on demand, or recording) from a past match. They’ll review plays and discuss how they (and their opponents) might have approached plays differently, look for strengths and weaknesses, places to improve. What a great opportunity to learn about the pro esports world from these players! 

Connected Camps Ongoing Stream Topics 

The Connected Camps stream will regularly feature insights from our own professional esports coaches. We’re here to provide gameplay tips, suggestions for healthy team communication, and game knowledge. Our coaches have a lot of experience in esports and are eager to share with the viewers.

So far, we’ve streamed about support fundamentals and general gameplay in League of Legends. Apex Legends is another popular esports title, and coaches Abby, Anthony, and Patrick recently teamed up to stream some of their tips and tricks. Those ranged from showing how they stretch their hands and arms to stay physically healthy and agile, to playing the game and discussing strategies. 

Patrick said, “I am an educator and esports coach with a passion for helping students improve themselves through gaming and discourse. I joined the stream team for the opportunity to demonstrate what I know, try new ideas, and learn from the viewers. My favorite way to interact with viewers is to prompt them to offer strategies, or to gain feedback from them on how I can improve.”

This give-and-take between coaches and youth helps the kids develop their own analytical skills too!

Can Watching Twitch Be Beneficial?

One of the most popular uses of Twitch is to watch others play favorite games. We’ll be streaming showmatches between our coaches so they can demonstrate their skills while having fun. Viewers can learn new skills by watching, and they’ll see coaches illustrate how important it is to have fun while playing. 

This is one way that Connected Camps can provide near-peer mentorship to students. As we’ve noted before, interacting with well-trained coaches and counselors like ours is a positive way to advance students’ social and emotional development. As kids watch the streams, they’ll see the coaches build teams, strategize, adapt, win, and lose; modeling positive behavior throughout. 

Another unique opportunity that could arise: give your kids the chance to be an expert! Sit down and watch a showmatch with them, and ask them to explain what’s happening. They’ll love to share their knowledge, and you’ll get to know your child in a special new way. If questions come up, you can post them in the chat, and you will learn together. 

As new technologies and social media platforms like Twitch arise, parents might feel overwhelmed with learning about the options, wanting to let their kids check out what’s new but being careful at the same time. Connected Camps’ Twitch channel will provide a safe space for your kids to watch streams with gameplay tips and matches as they chat with others who enjoy esports. Follow us on Twitch today!