Introducing UCI Esports Online Camps, Workshops and 1:1 Mentoring

Today, esports are uniquely suited for fostering the critical skills necessary for navigating an interconnected world. Skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration and emotion management are just a few of the concepts players can obtain through our new esports programs.

We’re now offering a variety of esports related programs including, camps, workshops and 1:1 coaching.

5-Day Online Camps: Each 5-day esport camp is staffed by an esport expert. Our programs are designed to help your child navigate the games they love while educating and reinforcing strong social-emotional skills.

Here are some of the concepts players can expect to learn over the course of our 5-day esports camps:

  • Effective communication, improved teamwork, goal setting, strong interpersonal skills, and efficient problem solving.
  • How to strategize different maps and create strategies with your team.
  • What makes a good team composition and what heroes you should choose to counter the enemy.
  • How to personalize your experience to achieve your individual goals.

We’re now offering esports camps in the following games:

Overwatch (ages 13-17)
League of Legends (ages 13-17)
Fortnite (ages 12-16)
Rocket League (ages 8-13)

Esports Workshops (1-Session) Available:

Our esports camp curriculums are uniquely experiential. While kids engage with their favorite games, our esports coaches will guide them through warmups, reflections, journaling activities, setting goals, discussions and relevant challenges to help them find their strengths and overcome limitations. 

1 on 1 CoachingOur esports mentors help their students confront problems, make meaningful choices, and explore the consequences. Our 1 on 1 coaching offers a delicate balance of challenges and rewards that keep students interested and engaged. Our coaches will enable players to advance at their own pace, fail in a safe and supportive environment and acquire critical knowledge and understanding regardless of their skill level. 

Often times mentors guide us to realize and understand concepts by asking the right questions and challenging our perspectives. Our mentors are experts at helping players think beyond the game and transfer those skills to real world experiences.

Here’s what one student had to say from their Connected Camps coaching experience:

“I learned many things from my Overwatch coaching sessions. For one, time management is crucial. I also learned the value of teamwork. You cannot just have one player separate from the rest of team diving in on his or her own and expecting the rest of team to follow up. And this leads to the main and one of the most important values in any game and in real life: Leadership. You need to have someone who can take the mantle of leader and lead the team, organize the team, etc. A strong leader ensures that everyone is cooperating. I am truly thankful for all the work the coaches do for us players.”

At Connected Camps we understand the unique power of using games to connect kids to deeper social-emotional development. We believe esports are a wonderful tool to teach empathy, emotion management, communication and more. We’re excited to share these new programs with you and explore the benefits of esports together!

Click here to learn more about our 2019 Esports Summer Camps and Coaches!

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