piston door

How To Hide Secret Passageways With Redstone Piston Doors

In this Weekend Challenge we are going to use redstone piston doors to help us build unique passageways and entrances.  If you’re unfamiliar with redstone, this is a great first project to get started!

Pressure plates to activate piston doors

Piston doors make use of regular building blocks in Minecraft to help blend into the environment. Walking on the pressure plates opens  up the passageway for players to pass through.

Activate piston door opens up

Piston doors can be useful to hide secret passageways, or they can act as a unique automated entrance to your Minecraft home.

We grabbed this week’s weekend challenge from this YouTube video by Razcadaz on the MinecraftDotNet channel. Check out his tutorial for an in-depth look on the best ways to approach building your own piston doors. You can click the link below to jump to his video.

More fun with piston doors

We’d love to see your awesome creations – so be sure to share!