How-To: Conquering Parkour in Minecraft

This week, we’re focusing on conquering parkour. Parkour is an obstacle course game within Minecraft that test players’ agility by requiring them to run, jump, and do other acrobatic moves to get from point A to point B. The goal of parkour is to get from start to finish as fast as you can. Check out the video below where our counselors explain the ins and outs of being successful at parkour.

As you’ll see in the demonstration above, as well as in other Minecraft parkour maps, the main feature of parkour are floating blocks. Players must hop from block to block without falling to beat the course. These blocks aren’t always normal stable blocks. They can include other hazards such as ice, lava pools, and slime.

There are several different types of jumps in parkour, including diagonal, ladder, corner, and S-jumps. Different jumps require different preparation. To calculate how long a jump is, you have to count how long it is as well as how high the next block is from the current block in order to ensure you don’t fall. It is possible to jump 2 blocks without sprinting and 4 with sprinting.

Creating a parkour course involves a lot of building and destroying of blocks. The floating blocks that are key to all parkour courses are created by building a tower of blocks and then destroying the ones underneath the top block. It is easiest to make a parkour course in Creative Mode since it allows you to fly around the course and see it from above. However, while more challenging, they can also be built in Survival Mode.

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