How Families Can Foster Creativity

How many times have you heard that it’s important to “think outside the box”? Creativity is so important in today’s world, and it’s valued in technical realms as much as the arts.

Connected Camps leverages Minecraft and other tools to help your children develop their creativity. We encourage kids to be creative whether they’re doing something related to arts like theater production, exploring new ideas while learning about topics like astronomy, or using tools for coding or engineering games. In addition, our servers provide a freely available space for original design and play.

Arts and Theater

During Covid-driven social distancing, most kids can’t participate in theater productions while distancing. But in our theater camp, kids explore the artist within as they work with other students to create a short dramatic play from script to presentation. What a unique way to blend computer technology with art!

Exploration and Discovery

Learning history or astronomy is more fun and memorable when it’s interactive and creative. Unlike traditional lessons, your child will have the opportunity to explore a variety of topics in an interactive experience through the 3D world of Minecraft. They’ll discover new ideas and find inspiration while building and connecting with others.

Technology, Coding, and Designing

Kids can learn how to be designers at a young age! By developing minigames, they go through the same process that real-life game designers use to develop games like Fortnite and The Legend of Zelda. They could learn how to code and control mini-robots in Minecraft. Or, they might learn about the world of architecture, including both business decisions and building design. Those are all ways that technology and creativity are intertwined.

Let the Creative Juices Flow

Our variety of camps and courses provide a place to learn and create based on a specific theme or topic. Your kids are also welcome to join our free Minecraft servers when they just want to let their imagination run wild.

We have two servers; Kid Club for ages 8-13, and Connected Craft for teens 14-17. These online communities are open every afternoon, and they’re free for youth (and only youth!) to join. Kids and teens can explore their own creativity through unstructured play, collaborate with friends – and make new ones – and deepen their knowledge of Minecraft. They have the freedom to participate in the server however they wish. Plus, counselors are always present to keep the environment engaging and interesting as play continues over time.

Counselors Foster Creativity

Our counselors do much more than monitor behavior. They’re passionate about creation and exploration themselves. Counselor Sebastian said, “My favorite programs to teach are definitely some of the more creatively-driven classes. I strongly believe that creativity is such a powerful driving force in today’s work. A child’s imagination is so powerful, and it’s important for them to not be afraid to show it. These programs give children that opportunity, and it’s fantastic to see.”

Parent Robert echoed that thought. He said, “The encouragement of creativity was really appreciated and kept our kiddo super excited about the class (Survival Camp in Minecraft).”

Encouraging Creativity in Your Family

Common Sense Media says that Minecraft builds skills like imagination, making new creations, and producing new content. They suggest that Minecraft could be a great topic for family discussions: “Families can talk about creativity. What inspires your creativity, and what would you build if you were given the right tools?”

Here are some examples of kids’ creations from our summer programs. Check these out, and see if they spark any ideas for your kids (or you!). Or, you could brainstorm around some of the suggestions in this blog post.

As you guide your kids through their journey of play and learning, make sure they have lots of opportunities to be creative. Encourage it, and demonstrate it. They’ll be inspired when they see the adults in their life thinking outside the box too.