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Holiday Fun in Minecraft and Roblox

Holiday plans and celebrations are in full swing, and kids will soon be on break and looking for entertainment during the day. Connected Camps has loads of online camps in Minecraft and Roblox that your kids will love.

Free yourself up to work or get through that holiday to-do list while your kids are busy exploring and creating in their favorite games! Whether you’re looking for ever-popular Minecraft Survival activities, coding and game design, history and science, or creative programs, we’ve got you covered.

Survival Camp in Minecraft

Kids love Survival challenges in different environments in Minecraft! Depending on the camp, they’ll explore different worlds and environments as they figure out how to eat, drink, live—survive. They’ll work in teams to defeat mobs and bosses, and in the process they’ll learn about building community to work towards a group goal.

Winter Survival: Our counselors have developed a uniquely winter-themed Minecraft world for this week-long camp. Campers will brave the unknown and join other survivors to overcome challenges, complete quests, find hidden structures, and battle the cold in order to thrive in this wintry wonderland.

Desert Survival: Exactly the opposite of Winter Survival! In this week-long camp, kids will brave the perilous wastes of the desert with other Survival enthusiasts. They’ll explore the world and defeat bosses to acquire water so they can stay alive and farm food. If they defeat the monsters inside the Desert Pyramids, they’ll reap great rewards.

Girls Survival: Our girls programs celebrate girls by encouraging individuality, collaboration, and creative problem solving. All children who identify as non-binary or gender-nonconforming and want to be in a female-identified environment are welcome. This is a friendly atmosphere where the team must work together to survive. They’ll go on quests to achieve higher ranks and unlock more content, and work to conquer mobs and bosses through careful planning.

Veronica’s daughter loved the format of the Girls Survival Camp. She said, “[The] teacher was engaging and made sure the class was fun and inclusive! My daughter would love to take another class with her.”

Coding and Game Design

Throughout the winter season, we’re offering a variety of camps for kids who love to code and design games. They’ll have fun whether they prefer Roblox or Minecraft (or try their hand in both!). Through our discussions and hands-on time, your child will learn the principles of game design and increase their personal assessment, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills.

Game Design in Roblox: Campers will create an adventure game that is all about exploring, collecting, selling, and upgrading. First they’ll plan out and design a world, then bring it to life with the Terrain Editor. They’ll use coding and 3D modeling to design an item to sell. They’ll even playtest the game with other students.

Marc told us his daughter enjoyed every day of this camp. He said, “Excellent class. Our daughter was so excited to show us what she learned after each lesson.”

Game Design in Minecraft: Kids will learn to build and balance games, plus they’ll work with classmates to playtest and help each other improve their creations. Campers will learn about the process to design and refine their work as they create mini-games like Parkour and Capture the Flag.

Minecraft Modding: Gamers love mods because they let them tweak games and play in their own way. In this intermediate camp, kids learn the intricacies of how Minecraft works as they add new elements to their game. They’ll design, refine, and test run each mod, adding a new level of gameplay to Minecraft based on their own in-game knowledge.

Coding in Roblox: In this intermediate level camp, kids learn to use a lightweight programming language called Lua. They’ll create interactive game objects as they learn about fundamentals like functions, loops, tables, and arrays. Students will playtest each other’s games and use the feedback to make their Roblox games fun and exciting.

History and Science

One reason kids love Minecraft is that the possibilities of game play are endless! Connected Camps has built custom environments in Minecraft to enable kids to explore unique places and understand new concepts.

Ancient History: The past comes to life in this exciting exploration of five different civilizations. Kids will learn about ancient cultures and visit historical re-creations from Egypt, East Asia, Europe, and more. They’ll tour settlements and then collaborate with others to build monuments that reflect the history and culture of different areas.

Paleontology: In this camp, kids work as a team of explorers in Minecraft. They’ll discover the history of paleontology and stratigraphy. They will engage in interactive experiences and learn about dinosaurs and their history. Then, just like a real paleontologist, they’ll create their own museum to showcase their historical findings.

Architecture Business: From ancient history to modern architecture, you can do it all in Minecraft! This camp gives kids a peek into the world of modern architecture and real estate. They’ll start by learning about different architectural styles and how to design for a client. Then they turn their architectural designs into a major success as they sell their creations for profit. Of course, learning to collaborate with others and use teamwork will help them achieve greater profits.

Physics Exploration: This camp uses Roblox to help kids discover the laws of physics. They’ll learn how to think like a scientist and develop problem-solving plans. In a unique Roblox world, they’ll explore the basics of motion and the relationship between velocity, acceleration, forces, and momentum. Then they’ll get to tinker and explore in a virtual field trip to Connected Camps’ Physics Science Museum.

Creative Expression

Of course, kids are expressing their interests and building creativity as they participate in any of these camps. Whether designing games, re-creating a historical monument, or crafting a building, creative juices are flowing! But there’s even more art in some of our programs.

YouTube Video Camp: This program gives kids a full view of the entire video making process, just like what popular Youtubers do. They’ll create engaging and visually appealing videos in Minecraft. Tools are key, so campers learn about OBS software, as well as creating video titles, thumbnails, promoting their channel, and more.

Lauren told us, “My daughter really enjoyed this class! She learned a lot and had fun doing it. She’s excited to record and upload her very own YouTube videos now.”

Wishing you Happy Holidays

During this winter break, your kids will be at home with time on their hands. Turn that downtime into fun time that builds their creativity and new skills while they’re socially engaged with other kids that have the same interests. They’ll be engrossed in activities and eager to keep working on their projects all month long. Meanwhile, you might be able to sneak off to do some wrapping away from curious eyes, or maybe even get a little personal downtime while they’re having a blast.

Either way, we wish you the happiest of holidays with your family. At Connected Camps, we’re honored that you welcome us into your lives and give us the privilege of guiding your kids through interests that they love. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2022!