Help your child stay connected to friends: tailored online programs for kids’ learning pods, teams, and friend groups

Connected Camps was founded by moms who are experts in education who have a passion for tapping into the positive potential of technology. They are solution-seekers, so as social restrictions have prevailed over the past several months, they have developed new ways for kids to connect and play and learn. 

We now have options for tailored online programs that will help your kids continue to develop bonds with others while they pursue their unique interests. Just tell us the age group, interests, and educational needs, and we’ll tailor a program to actively engage your students. 

All of our programs appeal to kids’ need to play and parents’ desire to provide a safe structure and some learning at the same time. Whether you want to maintain team spirit by playing online together, support at-home learning, or just give your kids a place to hang out and play, our range of affordable options will meet your needs.  

Bring your team together in online clubs

It’s been super hard for kids to be isolated from their friends, so Connected Camps just launched a great new option for programs to support group activities and team bonding.

Want to keep strong bonds among the members of the soccer team? How about an online club using Rocket League? This game is a high-powered hybrid of arcade-style soccer and vehicular mayhem. We can’t promise that playing Rocket League will make your team better on the turf, but our esports coaches will foster self-confidence and teamwork while giving kids a place to bond with each other in a friendly competitive setting. 

A variety of clubs are offered, so your kids can bring their friends and teams together for fun online play that will strengthen their bonds and keep them from feeling isolated. 

Expert support for pandemic pods and at-home learning through online courses

It’s impressive to see the way that families are rallying to provide their kids with learning support. So many small groups are popping up to benefit kids through shared instruction and resources. Whether yours is a pandemic pod, an official homeschool group, or engaged in some form of distance/remote/hybrid learning, we’re here to help. 

Our progressive curriculum and experienced counselors and mentors provide the best online tech classes and enrichment. We can customize a program for your group, or they might fit right into some of our fall courses and camps. We use programs like Minecraft and Roblox, and have live video chats through Zoom. (Don’t worry, we have years of experience making online learning FUN, so your kids will look forward to their sessions while they gain technical skills and useful information.)

Friends stay connected in online programs and parties

Some kids have a new hybrid school schedule with their best friends in morning class while they attend in the afternoon — so frustrating for youngsters. We’ll provide an online environment where they can consistently come together to chat, play, and work together in a safe space. Whether your kids and their friends like creative arts, science, or coding and design, our new group format will help them stay connected and creative this fall. 

Birthday parades were a fun phenomenon back in March and April, but most kids want to be with their friends for a party, not to just drive by and honk and wave. Let Connected Camps create a one-of-a-kind online event to help celebrate! Using Minecraft, the kids could work together to build their favorite place or re-enact a favorite scene from a movie. Or, we can even help them become content creators, teaching them the essentials in video production as they capture and edit those Minecraft experiences and turn them into captivating Youtube videos. 

Making new friends too!

As much as kids enjoy hanging out with their local friends, it’s also fun to meet new people who share the same interests. That’s a great benefit of participating in many of Connected Camps online programs. Identify your child’s interest(s), from arts to exploration to technology, and find a program targeting their age. They’ll be placed in a small group with like-minded kids and a fun counselor to facilitate the group. 

Diana’s kids completed a Game Design Project Camp in Minecraft. She told us, “My 9 year olds absolutely LOVED the class! I honestly don’t think I’ve seen them as excited as they were this week! They couldn’t wait to get back in there to keep working on their projects and connect with the friends they made in class. And I was incredibly impressed with how [counselor] Dean managed the class and encouraged all the kids. ”

Free Minecraft Servers for Supervised “Down Time”

Another place to hang out with friends, whether existing or new, is our Minecraft servers. We make those free so kids can pop in during the afternoon for some freeplay. Kid Club is set up for ages 8-13, and Connected Craft is for older teens, ages 13-17. 

These moderated online spaces help kids to connect and engage with others online in a fun and collaborative Minecraft community. Players will have the freedom to participate however they wish, and special events led by community members and counselors will keep things engaging and interesting as play continues over time.

Our Online Experience Matters

Connected Camps is a not-for profit organization with a desire to provide affordable learning experiences that foster creativity, problem solving, collaboration and interest-driven learning. 

Connected Camps is staffed by pros who love games as much as your kids. These counselors and coaches are bright college students who help your kids get good at games they love and teach them how to build amazing creations — all in a friendly space that’s full of childlike fun and games (that even your tweens and teens will love). 

Online learning is a lot different than in-person, and we’ve spent years creating and evolving our programs to benefit your kids. Instruction is hands-on and highly personalized, and kids in small groups get to share and learn from each other, leading to new friendships and lots of fun. 

With all the changes during Fall 2020, we’re excited to leverage that experience as we offer fun group programs, support a variety of learning environments, and give your kids a safe place to hang out. Thanks for letting us bring some fun and play back into your kids’ lives!