The Kid Club World


Welcome to the Kid Club server. We’re really excited to show you the Kid Club take on Minecraft. This section of the guide is for both parents and kids. We’ll take you on a tour of Kid Club, showing you a few of the spaces and activities you’ll encounter on the server.

If you haven’t signed up for Kid Club yet, you can do that by clicking here.

When you first show up in the server, you will appear in an area known as the World Spawn. If you get lost you can return here by typing /spawn

Kid Club’s world spawn

Before you leave the World Spawn, take a look at the in game chat. There should be a message there asking you to read the server rules.

To read the rules type /rules.

Once you have read the rules you can accept them by typing /accept rules. Note: Until you type this command you won’t be able to do some important things, like chat with other players.

World Spawn map

From the World Spawn you can travel in 4 different directions.

  • The blue lapis lazuli blocks lead to the tutorial area.
  • The stone and water gate leads to Union City.
  • Take the water and white quartz gate to get to the gallery.
  • Step into the emerald and red stone gate for the arena.

The three main areas of the Kid Club world each have their own style of play.

Union City: Survival

Union City is where Survival Mode happens. The city is made up of the town square and four districts, each controlled by it’s own guild. Community-owned shops line the edges of the town square where you can buy and sell blocks, enchantments and more. For those looking for an authentic survival experience, warps from the center of town go each direction into the wilds.

Some recent additions to Union City

The Gallery: Creative

The Gallery is for creative mode fun. You can pick a spot and build, or join a design club to make a golf course, parkour track, and more. The Gallery is home to Grand Central terminal, with warps to the creative mode activities found there. It is also home to frequent special events, like Architecture Club and pixel art competitions. Click here to see the full schedule.

The Gallery has several areas where players can make their own Minigames.

The Arena: Mini Games

The Arena is full of mini games, from checkers to spleef to capture the flag and more. Just pick a gate. Need a friend to play with? Just ask in chat.

Waterfall gates lead to the different minigames in the Arena.

Tutorial Area: Learn

The last area you can access from the World Spawn is the tutorial area. If you want to learn more about the server rules, mods, or how to use trade signs, head to the tutorial area through the lapis lazuli gate.

Step through the lapis gate to reach the Tutorial Area.

The tutorial area features 4 sections explaining the server rules and norms.

More on Union City and Survival Mode

Welcome to Union City. You can reach union city using the stone and water gate from the spawn area. Union City is the center of Kid Club’s survival world. When you enter the Survival Portal you should automatically be joined to the “bazaar” chat channel. If you would like to join the channel without entering Union City (by teleporting to another player using /tpa ) you can type /ch bazaar to join the channel.

Step through the stone gate to warp to Union City.

Union City is made up of the town square and four districts, each controlled by it’s own guild. Community-owned shops line the edges of the town square where you can buy and sell blocks, enchantments and more. You can also find warps to the wilds that goes North, South, East, and West. In the center of the town square there is a tower with warps to the other areas.

New areas and buildings are added to Union City all the time! Some buildings are added as part of group projects and special events. Click here to see the full schedule of events. Others, like player shops and player houses, are made by individual campers and community members. Most often buildings and areas are added when the players on the server come together and build something everyone has agreed would be awesome. Here’s a map with some of the recent construction projects in Union City.

Union City uses World Guard to protect its spaces. That means that users can only make changes to areas they have permission to. Players can even buy some of these spaces using in-game money to set up their own house or shop in town.

The Union City economy is different than the usual survival mode game. Players can buy and sell items and food and even set up their own shops. Click here to view a video on how to set up your own trade signs.

Krafty7’s ramen shop

Colonies, Towns and Bases

Campers often set up colonies, towns, and bases outside of town as well. The wilds stretch off forever in each direction from Union City. Don’t believe us that it goes on forever? We challenge you to prove us wrong.

Once players leave Union City, the wilderness stretches off in all directions.

As you wander the wilds you’ll find other settlements and colonies, remnants of group raids and plans, and all the glory of an unexplored Minecraft world as you go just a little bit further.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect view, a little bit of privacy, or just lots of space, you may find a place you want to settle down. If you’re settling in the wild, make sure you use claim blocks to protect your build. Click here to view a video on using claim blocks.

One of many survival colonies hidden throughout the wilds.

Special Events

Survival Mode also features regular special events, including well-known and loved formats like treasure hunts and dungeon crawls, and more unusual Minecraft events like survival islands. In survival islands (pictured below) part of the terrain is copied into the sky and a group of players have to cooperate to survive and build a colony with limited resources.

In Sky Island Survival, teams have limited resources and space to build a base and create everything they need to survive.

The Gallery and Creative Mode

The Gallery hosts all of our creative mode activities. You’ll find fun design clubs like ender golf and parkour, and regular special events like architecture club. You can reach The Gallery by going through the quartz gate from spawn.

Step into the gate to enter the Gallery and explore creative mode.

Many of the builds in the gallery were made by players during one of our special events. Kid Club has regular build challenges, pixel art galleries, and more. Whether you’re looking to join a scheduled event or make some new friends, The Gallery is the place to be.

The Gallery Carnival

The Gallery is home to all kinds of creative mode events, build challenges, carnivals, zoos, and more.

There are tons of mini games that can be built within Minecraft. Mini games are pretty straight-forward—they are games that can be created and played within Minecraft. Spleef, Capture the Flag, and Arena Battles are just a few of the many options available.

The Gallery is also home to a variety of design clubs and challenges. Each of these clubs focuses on a particular Minecraft mini game or build. These clubs challenge players to design and test their spaces to make unique, creative experiences that they can share with other players.

The key to building Minecraft mini games includes a combination of creativity and imagination, along with dedication to testing and redesign. Minecraft provides a variety of versatile materials to choose from. Playing mini games in Minecraft is all about thinking outside the box, even when the mini games take place in one.

The Gallery features game design clubs for golf, parkour, and dungeon-design.

Design Clubs

You can reach the Design Clubs through the Gallery Club Hub, AKA Grand Central. Grand Central is right by the Gallery spawn, when you first enter the gallery. Just travel through the water gates in Grand Central to reach the clubs. Note: some of the clubs have special build permissions, if you’re having trouble building in one of them please ask a mod for help.

Grand Central Stations includes warps for many of the activities found throughout the Gallery.


One of the most popular Minecraft game design activities is parkour. Parkour is an obstacle course game within Minecraft that test players’ agility by requiring them to run, jump, and do other acrobatic moves to get from point A to point B. The goal of parkour is to get from start to finish as fast as you can. Check out the video below where our counselors explain the ins and outs of being successful at parkour.

Zaxxon825 introduces Parkour in Minecraft.

Parkour racers hop from block to block without falling to beat the course. These blocks aren’t always normal stable blocks. They can include hazards like ice, lava pools, and slime.

There are several different types of jumps in parkour, including diagonal, ladder, corner, and S-jumps. Different jumps require different preparation. To calculate how long a jump is, you have to count how long it is, as well as how high the next block is from the current block in order to ensure you don’t fall. It is possible to jump 2 blocks without sprinting and 4 with sprinting.

Play and build parkour courses in the luxurious parkour towers.

Parkour Towers

In Parkour Towers the challenge is to build your own parkour tower. Check out the other courses for inspiration and new ideas. Creating a parkour course involves a lot of building and destroying of blocks. The floating blocks that are key to all parkour courses are created by building a tower of blocks and then destroying the ones underneath the top block.

Warp to the Parkour Towers, found in Grand Central Station in the Gallery.

Golf Club Country Club

Another game design club is the Golf Club Country Club. Here you can find and make your own Minecraft golf courses. The area includes spaces for ice minigolf and Ender Golf as well. In Ender Golf players use ender pearls as golf balls, throwing them and teleporting to where they land. Beacons mark each hole. The video below explains more about Ender Golf:

Warp to the Golf Club Country Club, found in Grand Central Station of the Gallery.
An ice mini-golf course in the Golf Club Country Club.

Dungeon Design Club

The Gallery also features our Dungeon Design Club. In Dungeon Design Club, players make their very own redstone dungeons. The dungeons are built on two separate levels. The top level acts as a template, which copies downwards when a new player enters the dungeon. Each dungeon is filled with parkour, traps, mazes, and more. Click here to watch a video with ideas for 10 traps for your dungeon.

Warp to the dungeon-design are in Grand Central Station in the Gallery.
The dungeons are built on the top. Each time a player enters the bottom the dungeon automatically resets itself by copying the dungeon built on top of it.

The Arena

The Arena features more than 20 mini games. From Checkers to Spleef to Capture the Flag and more. Find the Arena behind the emerald and redstone gate from spawn.

Take the gate with lava over it for the Arena, full of minigames.

Once you’ve reached the arena you’ll find gates to Kid Club’s most popular mini games. The mini games themselves are just outside of the spawn area, and you may even find a few hidden gems wandering about. Each gate warps you to a different mini game and each mini game includes a sign you can use to let other players know you’re looking for challengers.

The Arena has dozens of minigames. Warps to many of them can be found near the arena spawn.

Here are just a few of the mini games you’ll find in the Arena:

Spleef: During Spleef, players try to destroy the ground or blocks under their opponent. When the ground breaks, a player falls into a pit of lava and loses the mini game. The last player standing is the winner.

Before a Spleef mini game begins, players enter the starting cage where they can equip themselves with diamond shovels. Once a Spleef mini game begins, players try to destroy the ground under their opponent without hitting or sending their opponent to the ground or touching the lava below.

The Arena has a few different Spleef arenas. After all, all you need is a bit of snow and one shovel per player. Use your shovel to clear the snow below other players, making them fall. Spleef may have simple rules, but with a bunch of different players all trying to stay on top, chaos and good times are guaranteed.

The Prismarine Spleef Arena. Grab a shovel and lets spleef.

Elytra Racer: Elytra’s gliders were only added to Minecraft in 2016. They also recently added a feature where fireworks can be used to boost you while you’re gliding, like rockets. This adds a whole new dimension to these flying race courses. Try out your elytra skills in one of our elytra courses.

Colorfall: Colorfall is a Kid Club classic. Players start on top of many layers of wool. Lava is below. The goal: be the last player alive. Each round a new player selects a color, and all the colors of that block disappear.

A colorfall arena with iron blocks and water at the bottom isntead of lava.

Checkers and more: Players and mods have built all kinds of little mini games into the Kid Club server. Checkers is always popular, there are a few different styles of Connect 4 board, and you’ll even find a version of the game Battleship.

Capture the Flag: The most popular mini game on Kid Club. From Sky Wars (pictured below) to Pyramids and Castles, there’s a whole variety of Capture the Flag courses on Kid Club. Check out the Miner-League courses for an extra twist—players can choose from a variety of classes with different items and abilities.

Sky wars Capture the Flag is a great twist on the CTF classic. You have to build across the sky to reach the other flag!