The Ultimate Guide to Kid Club

About This Guide

How can your child use Minecraft to help them learn and grow?

In this guide I’d like to introduce you to our Minecraft Kid Club and share some of our answers to that question. As the Connected Camp’s Program Director I know I have a lot of fun coming up with the answers.

In this guide you will find everything from an introduction to Kid Club to some of our favorite redstone engineering videos. Here’s a preview of what you’ll find inside:

    Welcome and Orientation for Parents: here you’ll will find answers to your questions about playing Minecraft online, and our Kid Club server, in particular.
    The Kid Club World: includes a description of the Kid Club world and an overview of some of the activities and spaces that make it up.

We want Kid Club to be the best place to connect, learn, and explore the wonderful world of Minecraft. This guide should help you along the way.

Who Is This Guide For?

This guide is for parents, kids, educators, and others looking to explore the wide world of Kid Club in Minecraft.

Table of Contents

  • Minecraft Mom and Dad’s Frequently Asked Questions
  • The Kid Club World
  • Further Resources