The Final Frontier: Creating Your Own Mod

Making a mod is challenging and fun—it’s the ultimate educational Minecraft experience. It includes designing, building, and testing; project management can come into play, too, if the mod is created by more than one person. Many modders cite the experience as a gateway into coding. Learn to mod, learn to code!

Minecraft mods are written in the Java programming language. More advanced users, especially those already familiar with Java could start there. Check out this helpful page from the Gamepedia Minecraft wiki to help get you started.

Luckily for the rest of us, there are a number of websites and programs that make it easy to make your own mods. The best part is that these programs will even help you learn how to mod.

One option is the free-to-use MCreator. This is great for aspiring modders that already have a little bit of experience coding. You will be able to go back and forth between a “drag and drop” style interface and actual code. Some less advanced users might struggle with a more challenging interface and a little bit less support than the next two options. See our review of MCreator here.

Create a mod and test it by launching Minecraft through MCreator.

Young modders looking to work independently but with some help could try CodeKingdoms and LearnToMod. These websites charge a monthly fee but come with curriculum, lessons, and videos. They have easy to use interfaces and will even host a private Minecraft server for you to play and test your mod.

Looking for even more support? Try a Connected Camps Tech Mentorship. Our tech mentors will work with your to make the mod of your dreams. You’ll learn everything you need to know and get the encouragement you need to see your project through to the finish.