6 Programs to Take Your Minecraft Obsession to the Next Level

In this section we’ll take a look at some programs that can help you explore, modify, and create. Each program in this section pairs well with Minecraft. From managing mods to changing skins, or even making videos and animations, this list will help level up your tech game with fun and easy Minecraft activities.

Create a Custom Minecraft Skin Using a Minecraft Skin Editor

Making your own skins is a fun and easy projects that allows you to customize your experience through the act of creation. There are a variety of online editors to pick from. We really like this one. Customizing your new skin has never been easier.

    Start with a template: If you’re making your very first skin you may want to start off with a template. You can download a skin here and upload it in to the editor to help out. Once you’ve made your first skin by modification try making one from scratch.

Connect With Your Friends on Voice Chat

Voice chat is a great way to connect with friends and family while playing Minecraft. It totally transforms the experience of playing with a faraway friend and offers an opportunity to reconnect in a fun and cooperative environment.

There are lots of options for clients. We use Teamspeak because it offers lots of options for customization. Another popular client is Discord. Discord has a basic web-based voice chat that doesn’t require any downloads. For more advanced features (like push-to-talk) you will still need to download and install Discord. The most popular game clients, like Steam and Curse, also include more basic voice chat features.

    Team Survival Speedrun: Gather your best Minecraft friends together on a survival server and Teamspeak with one goal—to get to the end and defeat the ender dragon. See how quickly you can work together to beat Minecraft.

Make Minecraft Videos With OBS

Open Broadcast Software, or OBS for short, is a simple and easy to use program that records video from your screen.

Editing your videos: OBS can record videos but it is not a video editor. There are some free and easy to use editors that will help you edit your new videos. Try using iMovie or Windows Movie Maker to cut your clips into an awesome movie.

Make Minecraft Animations with Mine-imator

Mine-imator is a free and simple program that allows you to make animations using blocks and skins from Minecraft. Many of the basic tools found in professional animation software are included, but in a simplified and user-friendly format. Mine-imator is available for PC only. Read our full Mine-imator review here.

    Import your own Minecraft characters and skins: Did you know that you can import your Minecraft skin into Mine-imator. It’s easy to do. You can load the skin from a file or Mine-imator can access your skin using your Minecraft username.

Manage Mods With Curse

The Curse client is a program that helps manage games, servers, mods, and even friends via voice chat. Managing mods in the Minecraft folder can be a bit challenging—from forge installs to mod conflicts there are all kinds of little problems that can crop up. Curse is the easiest way we’ve found to manage and explore the wide world of mods.

    Download your first modpack: Curse provides easy access and installation for tons of Minecraft modpacks. Download one or five of them and try them out. If you need some help with installation and setup you can try downloading the Connected Camps ComputerCraftEdu modpack by following along here.

Make Your Own Minecraft Mods With MCreator

Are you obsessed with Minecraft mods? MCreator is a free tool that let’s you make Minecraft mods. Making a mod is challenging and fun! To make a mod you have to design, build, and test your mod, learning about coding, project manning, and more along the way.

The MCreator website includes a community section where users can upload mods, ask questions on the forums, or search the helpful wiki for information on using MCreator. Check out our full review here.

    My First Mod: For your first mod, keep it simple. Try adding some new blocks or making some changes to existing items. A good next step challenge would be to add your own mob to the game. What mob or animal would you want to add to Minecraft?

Next Steps
If you’re looking for some mods to play as a way to see what kinds of mods are out there, check out our post “Top 10 Minecraft Mods for Powering Learning.”