10 Fun Creative Mode Ideas

Minecraft Creative Mode can really bring your imagination to life. With a limitless supply of interesting blocks, each with their own special rules, the possibilities are almost endless. Players have used to creative mode to make everything from working redstone computers to replicas of Star Trek’s Enterprise.

Whatever your project, you’ll have to exercise your design and creative muscles along the way. Careful use of space, visual touches, and scale will ensure your project’s success. Here’s 10 ideas to try:

1. Create Pixel Art

Pixel art is just what it sounds like. Art made of pixels. Take something complex and capture its bare essence in just a few blocks. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. With the right touches, a few pixels can be too.

    Build Challenge: Think of something really big. Try to make a tiny pixel version of it. See if others can guess what you built.

2. Make a Ship

Making a ship in Minecraft sounds like a simple task. But what about the daunting task of picking a type of ship to build? Pirate ship, cruise ship, space ship, dinghy and a thousand more options. What kind will you make?

    Come Up With A Story: Sailing across the oceans or cruising beyond the atmosphere is often a long and dangerous journey. What’s so important on the other side? Are your crew explorers? Traders? Pirates? What can you include on and in your ship that tells your crew’s story?

3. Put on a Play

After you’ve built a theater it’s time to put on a play. You will have to first decide on characters and a story. You can write down the dialog before starting, or try roleplaying your way through the play with a friend. You can even try acting out plays or scenes you’ve seen elsewhere.

    Try Role Play: Try using the Minecraft world as a stage for role playing. Role players act out a person or a character. You could do anything from giving a lesson as a teacher to going on an adventure as a knight. What story will you tell through your characters?
    Put it on Video: Once you’ve mastered the arts of the theater, try recording your play using OBS or other recording software

4. Make a Roller Coaster

Minecraft rails aren’t just good for moving between Survival Colonies, they make great roller coasters, too. Here’s a few ideas to spice up your roller coaster:

    Breathtaking views: No Minecraft coaster would be complete without inspiring views. Whether looking out at nature or over your own creations, make sure you give your riders a breathtaking view.

    Redstone Rails: Detector rails give off a redstone signal whenever a minecart passes over them. Use detector rails to add redstone contraptions to your roller coaster.
    Transport: Why not have your roller coaster server the extra purpose of transport? As you’ve built more projects in your world build a coaster ride that will show them all off.

5. Make a Spooky Minecraft Dungeon

Create a spooky dungeon and challenge your friends to conquer it. You can add mobs, puzzles, parkour, redstone traps, and more to your dungeon. Don’t forget about lore and loot. Go get’em, dungeon master.

    The Maze: Build a maze into your dungeon. Be sure to include some windy hallways as well as larger rooms that lead in several directions. Make sure to add a little bit of flavor and decor too.
    The Secret Passage: Build a piston door and attach it to a lever, pressure plate, or button. Repeaters can delay the signal, turning that part of the dungeon into a timed challenge.
    The Item Unlock: Pick a special item that will unlock the dungeon. It could be an item that will activate some redstone, like an arrow that will press a button on the wall. Hide the item in the dungeon and design your dungeon so you need the item to get out.

6. Knit a Sweater

Why not knit a Minecraft sweater? Test out your new sweater design in Minecraft before knitting it for real.

    Seasonal wear challenge: Try making a new Minecraft outfit for yourself for each season. Start with your winter sweater and add an outfit for the spring, summer, and fall too.
    Host a fashion show: Invite your friends and have your very own fashion show. Pick a theme, anything really. Cute dinosaurs. Fall in Paris. Argyle scarves.
    Make it for real: Try knitting your sweater, scarf, or dinosaur for real.

7. Design a Fireworks Show

Design your very own Minecraft fireworks show! There are many types of fireworks to choose from—check out a fireworks crafting guide for help. Add some extra spice to your fireworks show by:

    Using redstone: Fireworks can be shot out of dispensers. Use redstone to create intricate, timed fireworks shows.
    Adding music: Add some music to your show with a jukebox or some note blocks. Put in music that is related to different countries, for example,. If you are using red and yellow, that’s like the China Flag. You can even look up Chinese music to go with it. If you are using blue and white, that’s like Greece—look up Greek music!
    Setting the scene: Pick your location and time of day for the best show. Typing /time set dusk sets the time to dusk. You can use /time set to get night, day, or dawn as well.

8. Carve a Minecraft Pumpkin

Try carving your own Minecraft pumpkin. Or make Minecraft holiday cookies. Or a Labor Day parade. Whatever the upcoming holiday, celebrate it Minecraft style.

    Santa’s Workshop: Make all the Christmas decorations and characters. Santa, the reindeer, elves, presents, a tree, and more. What says Christmas most to you?
    Celebrate the Seasons: Start your next creative build or survival base in the biome most appropriate for the season. If there’s snow on the ground, find some tundra. Celebrate the winter inside and out with snowball fights, snow sculptures and more. What will you do in the spring?

9. Send Your Friends on a Minecraft Adventure

Adventure maps are a popular category in Minecraft. Start out by downloading a few and trying them for yourself. Make sure to include some lore for your eventual adventurers.

    Otherworldly adventure: Create a new world for your adventure. But rather than using the default settings, dig a little into the custom settings. Create a fantastical setting for your adventure. You may want to start with just biome. What crazy world will you make for you adventure?

10. Make a Movie Set

Pick your favorite movie and remake a scene from it in Minecraft. Try to pick a movie with a unique style so it will really stand out.

    Movie set challenge: Create your own movie set for your own futuristic science fiction type of adventure setting. Think about what makes your movie set more exciting than the next movie set and why your movie would sell out completely!