Minecraftivities: The Ultimate Guide to Kid-Friendly Minecraft Activities


Minecraft is so popular because players can use the sandbox-like world however they want. This guide is for parents, educators, and kids who want unlock the full potential of Minecraft. Minecraft is a platform for exploration, collaboration, creativity, and learning. Kids can use it to spark and sustain an interest in technology, art, math, design, and innovation.

This guide is full of “Minecraftivities” that have come from years of playing Minecraft with kids.

Each activity offers a balance between play and learning. Almost all of them are focused on creation, design, and redesign. Most activities have easy entry points for beginners, especially in the earlier sections. The latter sections include activities suitable for more advanced users, like installing mods or using advanced game mechanics like redstone. Many activities also include some suggestions to turn them into bigger, higher level projects, or to add an interesting twist.

Who Is This Guide For?

Parents looking for Minecraft activities to power their child’s creativity and learning. Kids looking for new and interesting ways to play.

How to Get the Most Out of This Guide

Ask Questions: Find out what your kid likes about Minecraft. Are they builders? Do they use redstone? What do they know about mods?

Make Recommendations: If they love building in Creative Mode, challenge them to make something you saw on a recent outing or trip. If they’re redstone users, ask them if they’ve ever built a redstone robot.

Try New Things: If you or your children are already familiar with the basics of Minecraft, try something new. Make your first redstone builds, install your first mod, or make a mini-game.

Table of Contents