Survival Mode

Are you ready for survival mode? In survival mode you will have to collect resources, build structures, battle monsters, manage hunger, and explore the land in order to survive. Survival mode is challenging and, if you’re going to conquer the wilderness, explore the nether, and slay the ender dragon you’re going to need to learn, grow, and probably die too.

The first days in survival mode play out as a scavenger hunt. Players look for important survival items, gathering preparing food, crafting tools, chopping wood and building shelter. Once players have taken care of their most basic survival needs they can start to explore and invest in their base by setting up farms and ranches, storing valuable goods for later use, cooking higher quality foods and crafting higher quality tools, building railway lines for fast transport, and even creating redstone machines to do some of the work for them.

Survival mode goes deep. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you through your first steps. Selecting the right difficulty level for you is important step. Check out our section on game modes for more info.

The First Days of Survival

Day 1:
The first challenge you will need to meet is shelter. A Minecraft day only lasts 20 minutes and that 20 minutes is split between the daytime and the nighttime. You will have just 10 minutes to prepare for the darkness. Night comes with zombies, creepers, and skeletons. And they’re coming for you.

  • Find a grassland and search for seeds. A good role for an aspiring farmer.

Build your first home out of wood or dirt. If you run out of time or can’t find enough materials digging a hole in the ground can get you through the first day. There will be plenty of time later to build your dream home. Some useful things to add on day one include interior and exterior lighting and a doorway. Check out our introduction to crafting and tools for help crafting your first items.

Day 2:
Day 2 is about tools and food. Time to gather some seeds and start your first farm. You’ll need lots of wood, stone, and other basics to make a crafting table and furnace and to expand your shelter.

Day 3 and Beyond
The world is yours to explore and conquer. Here are some long term goals to work towards.

  • Create farms and pastures to meet your basic needs. This will allow you to work towards more challenging goals.
  • Gather iron and diamonds to craft better tools and stronger armor. You won’t be able to explore the world without it.
  • Build railways to connect your settlements, mines, and farms.
  • Explore the World to connect your settlements, mines, and farms.
  • Do some research on the items in your inventory. Search them on a Minecraft wiki to learn what you can do with them.
  • Automate some of the work with redstone machines.
  • Get together with some friends.
  • Win the Game