Survival Adventures With Friends

The Minecraft world is a huge place filled with mountains, caves, dungeons and more. Bring along some friends and build a Survival community together. After all, there’s safety in numbers.

Build your team

Assemble a group of players. Play with your best friends. Play with family near and far, a great way to connect with important people that might be hard to see outside of a few short breaks or trips. Make new friends by joining the Connected Camps Kid Club server.

Set goals. If you’re just starting out build farms and a starting village. The goal of building a safe and sustainable village can be broken down into many parts. You will need farms, pastures, lighting, mines, storage, access to important resources like iron and wood, and more. Once you’ve built a good home there are plenty of new opportunities to explore – mapping the world, building a horse farm, conquering the nether, or trying to win the game.

  • Find a grassland and search for seeds. A good role for an aspiring farmer.

More experienced players might take a different path and spend some time adventuring and exploring the world before settling down. Their first objectives might be to explore the world to find a particular biome to build their home or to acquire some armor and food for a trip to the nether.

Whatever your level of experience your goals will change over time. Minecraft will keep presenting your group with new challenges and opportunities and you will have to decide how to meet them.

Get Organized. Minecraft rewards cooperation and communication. In the early stages of the game you’ll need to search the area around you for valuable resources. A virtual scavenger hunt. The most basic resources can usually be found nearby, and splitting up to gather them can quickly turn your new home into a bustling community.

Effective leaders will communicate with their teammates about what they’re going to work on and what problems they see facing the community. In the early stages of the game this can be as easy as calling out what you’re working on: “I’m going to gather some coal to make torches.”

While any player can easily contribute to any aspect of the community, the best tools and items are relatively rare and the game rewards continued investment and effort at one task. More advanced groups may want to further specialize their roles.

Gearing Up For Adventure. Once you’ve solved your colony’s basic needs you will need to prepare for bigger challenges. Specialized roles will pay off for the group, allowing players to support each other and play to their strengths. Make sure that your fighter has the best armor, he’ll need it more than the archer or the engineer.

Stepping into the unknown
Now that you’ve geared up it’s time to set some new goals. Or maybe not. It’s time for an adventure.
You may have a specific goal in mind or maybe you just want to wander, exploring and mapping the world. Equipping your navigator with a map and compass will keep you from getting lost. Savvy explorers can navigate using landmarks, breadcrumbs (like a trail of torches), the rising and setting sun, or the debug menu (cheaters!).

Make sure you craft a bed and take a nap before you go. Sleeping in a bed sets your spawn to it.

When you find a good location where you might stay awhile establish a base camp. Chests, beds, crafting tables, and furnaces are all useful to have. Make sure it’s well-lit and secure from monsters! A shallow cave makes a great start for a base camp.

Grab the loot
When delving into a dungeon or mob-filled area, try to stick together as a group. Remember to communicate frequently!
Some players place torches on the right-hand walls only, then, when you turn around, you can follow the left-hand torches to find your way back! You’ll want to communicate with your group about lighting habits. Use floor torches for non-navigational lighting.

Decide how to handle loot gathered. Is it a free-for-all or is everyone splitting loot evenly? What items are considered loot? How do you handle extra items that can’t be divided equally? Having specialized roles can help divide important items in small groups. Players can just swap items or give them to the players that need them most.

If you have a treasurer, be sure to hand off your loot frequently so he or she can keep it safe. Head back to base camp frequently to resupply and stash valuables.