Minecraft Glossary

Admin – a player administrator with powers to kick/ban and monitor the server

Ban – a permanent removal of a player from the server

Biomes – Areas of the Minecraft world with different features like jungles, deserts, oceans, and mountains.

Block – The Minecraft world is made of blocks that can be mined, picked up or used to make other things. There are 150 different types of block, and each one has it’s own properties and uses.

Brewing – To make a potion by putting materials into water bottles using a brewing stand.

Crafting – Crafting is how blocks, tools, and materials are made. By combining resources, players can make useful items like armor, glass and cake. Each item that players can craft has a specific recipe of raw materials.

Crafting Table – Where the crafting happens, duh.

Creeper – Creepers come out at night to sneaks up on players and then explode. Their explosion will destroy surrounding blocks and they are the nuisance of many well defended forts and towns. Listen for the hissing sound they make just before they’re about to blow up.

Creative mode – a game mode where players have access to all blocks, can fly, and cannot be killed by enemies or other players.

The End – The third and final Minecraft dimension. Find the Ender Dragon within. The only way out is to defeat it or die.

Ghast – a type of enemy in the game

Griefer – an individual who intentionally destroys structures or causes a negative game
experience – these players are dealt with through administrators.

Kick – a temporary removal of a player from the server

Log block – plugin that keeps track of who places blocks and where

Mobs – Creatures, characters and animals in the Minecraft world. Some mobs are hostile, like creepers and skeletons. Others are neutral like villagers and cows. Mobs like wolves can become friendly with a little help from their favorite items.

Mob Spawner – A cage block where mobs are created. They are usually found in dark and scary places like abandoned mine shafts and dungeons.

Mod – Modification to the Minecraft game that can be implemented. May also be shorthand for “moderator.” Not to be confused with “mob.”

Moderator – another word for admin

Mojang – The makers of Minecraft.

Multiplayer – playing Minecraft with others on the Internet

Nether – a dark dimension that players can travel to using Nether portals

Noob – a newer player

PvP – Player versus Player combat.

Redstone – minecraft circuit systems used to emulate real world circuits

Server – a computer that hosts a multiplayer world of Minecraft for players to access

Single player – playing Minecraft by yourself

Skin – The character’s texture. By default, Steve. You can easily change your Minecraft skin by logging into your Minecraft account.

Spawn – The location where players enter a world or respawn after dying.

Survival mode – a game mode where players must gather resources, manage their
hunger, and build shelter to survive. Players can die in this mode.

TP – short for the “teleport” ability to quickly move around the map

Troll – another world for Griefer – someone who intentionally disrupts others creations

Twitch – website where you can live stream directly through the game

Whitelist – A restricted list of the players who are allowed on a multiplayer server.