Creative Mode With Friends

Play Together: Anyone can have fun with creative mode. Hunger is no longer an obstacle. Death is no risk. Ingenuity and vision reign supreme. Creative mode link:guide-gamemodes is a great place to start for any player new to Minecraft or for groups of different skill levels.

Play with your best friends. Play with family near and far, a great way to connect with important people that might be hard to see outside of a few short breaks or trips. Make new friends by joining the Connected Camps Kid Club server.

Make Plans: The best creative mode builds come out of great ideas, persistence, and ingenuity. If you’re playing with your group for the first time you may want to start with some simpler projects – pixel art animals or a castle. The possibilities are endless for more experience players and groups. Check out the slideshow below for project ideas.

  • Design your own golf course. Try it out in our Golf Club Country Club. link-kidclubguidegolf

Want to learn more about the educational benefits of playing Minecraft? See the Why Minecraft part of our guide.