Girls Learn to Code in Minecraft and Roblox

Looking for a fun and safe online space for your girls to build and play in Minecraft and Roblox? Connected Camps provides a community atmosphere of learning and play for girls who love to code, design, and hang out and play online.

Connected Camps offers both co-ed and girls programs in Minecraft and Roblox. This blog will focus on the programs that are tailored just for girls—our courses and clubs that last longer than a week.  Click here to read a blog about our weeklong camps for girls, and visit our website for details on all our girls programs.

Connected Camps was founded by moms who are self-proclaimed “girl geeks.” Many of our counselors and staff are young women who are pursuing college degrees in computer science, game design, or other majors that will leverage their technical skills.

Youngsters, tweens, and teens can join a variety of affordable online camps, clubs, and courses in favorite games like Minecraft and Roblox. By popular demand, we recently added even more options to the girls-only line-up because participants told us they loved the atmosphere there.

Karen, one of our counselors in the girls programs, provides insight into the benefit: “Our girls programs offer a safe space for all non-male identifying folx. It is important for girls to have a place where they can voice their opinions and pursue leadership roles. These spaces are not to divide genders, rather, they cater towards different developmental needs of girls and non-binary folx as opposed to the needs of boys.” 

Allie’s daughter joined our Girls’ Coding Camp in Minecraft. Allie said, “My 10-year-old daughter loved it! She wants to do more similar classes, so we signed up for another one with Connected Camps. Thank you for providing a girls-only class. It made a huge difference!”

We offer a variety of formats to fit your family’s busy schedule. Here’s an overview of the girls-only clubs and courses from Connected Camps; all take place in a live online environment under the mentorship of a skilled female counselor:

Clubs meet weekly at a set time for 90 minutes.

Girls Builders Club in Minecraft: Our Builder’s Club is a community that leverages the magic of Creative Mode in Minecraft to create an enriching experience where girls can brainstorm, make decisions, and accomplish team goals. Campers will not only compete in build battles to put their creativity to the test and design epic structures, they’ll also engage in group builds and learn how to communicate effectively and delegate tasks. This is an online club where girls connect and experience the bond of a supportive community as they share their work in a constructive environment.

Girls Survival Club in Minecraft: This is an adventure-filled guild where a community of like-minded gamers gather and overcome obstacles together! With a strong focus on team-building, girls meet and play with other gamers to help each other survive in an exciting custom Minecraft world. They’ll learn different mechanics and how to set goals and achieve them. As they level up and unlock hidden parts of the world, your daughter and her friends will face new challenges that can be conquered together with strategic planning.

Courses meet for 90 minutes once per week for 5-8 weeks.

Girls Coding Course in Roblox: Code is a language that machines use to communicate and create systems and objects just like the ones in favorite games. In this course, girls will build interactive game objects that’ll enhance their game design such as disappearing paths, deadly traps, and unique power-ups! To make these cool devices, they’ll use a lightweight programming language called Lua to create functions, loops, tables, and arrays. Then, just like a real-life programmer, they’ll create and adjust written code to change the way an object behaves.

Girls Game Design Course in Minecraft: The game design process is a technique of constant refinement that real-life designers use to create their unique and engaging video games. In this course, students will get to tap into their inner creativity and explore this process with other game design enthusiasts. Through our discussions and hands-on time in Minecraft, your daughter will learn the principles of game design and increase their personal assessment, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills.

These programs celebrate girls by encouraging individuality, collaboration, and creative problem solving. Our friendly atmosphere is the perfect antidote to the sometimes over-competitive and intimidating online social world. In our girls programs, all campers share something in common: being girls who love games and challenges and are ready for new friends and new adventures.

Our girls programs are inclusive learning environments where we welcome any child who identifies as female regardless of assignment at birth. Our programs for girls also welcome children who identify as non-binary or gender-nonconforming and want to be in a female-identified environment.

As Counselor Karen said, “Being a mentor for girls and non-binary students in STEM is really important in a male-dominated society. We are at the forefront of this change to a more equal society. Having a role model who looks like you is important because then the students can believe that they can fill that role one day too. While the world is changing, we still have a ways to go. As a mentor, I am proud to be a part of the change and I hope to inspire young girls to lead the future.”

We’re confident your child will thrive in this positive environment. We’ve made space with more girls-only programs, since so many parents and campers have requested them. Programs are filling up fast, so check out the full line-up of girls (and co-ed) programs and sign up today!