Foster Summer Learning Through Minecraft

How can parents make the most of gaming time and avoid the “summer slide”?

For kids who love Minecraft, chances are the summer months will bring with them even more time for gaming. In this thirty minute conversation, Co-founder and Chief Designer at Connected Camps, Katie Salen, and Jeff Haynes, Senior Editor for Web & Video Games at Common Sense Media, discuss how parents can support kids’ gaming interests while still making screen time productive.

They discuss the unique value of Minecraft for summer learning, give concrete tips to support kids’ passion for gaming, and point to specific resources around online privacy. Jeff and Katie describe exactly what parents should watch out for with regard to their child’s game play and online friendships, as well as how to look for kid-friendly, moderated Minecraft servers.

Katie and Jeff also address some audience questions throughout the webinar.  They offer advice on the basics of getting set up with Minecraft as well as how to connect to your child’s interests, even if you are a Minecraft or gaming beginner yourself.

Watch the full webinar to learn how Minecraft can be leveraged for an amazing summer of learning, family time, and fun.

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