Find the Best Minecraft, Roblox, and Esports Programs

Connected Camps offers dozens of engaging online camps in Minecraft, Roblox, and esports. Kids would love to join all of them! To help you find the best options for your campers, we put together this guide to our ecosystem of programs. The graphic provides a birds-eye view of the subjects; in this blog we’ll give you a little info on the programs themselves.

Getting Started

Kids who’ve been playing Roblox and Minecraft on their own will love joining our community of learners and getting to know others with similar interests and skills. They’ll make friendships as they play online with others, and they’ll receive mentorship from our counselors in how to be good digital citizens. Jessica gave us a 5-star review and said, “My kid said he had a lot of fun! He did not have any friends going in, but he made friends with the other participants quickly.”

Newcomers will want to start with either our Leveling Up to Multiplayer Minecraft camp, or our Roblox Gaming Club. Kids will learn of the basics of these games in an engaging, supportive community in week-long camps geared towards beginners  

Performance and Media

Our camps provide a fun venue for kids to get creative! In the week-long Theater Camp in Minecraft, they’ll dive into the world of theater and team up with other drama enthusiasts to create a uniquely scripted Minecraft play. They’ll get to explore 3D/Minecraft models of famous theaters around the world.

Animation is the art of directing the movement of objects to create compelling visuals and tell a captivating story. In the Animation course, kids will bring life to Minecraft models and environments by creating their own animated shorts with the Mine-Imator program.

Video creation is so popular! In our camps and courses, kids will become content creators and learn the essentials in video production by capturing, editing, and turning Minecraft experiences into captivating YouTube videos. First, they’ll learn to create a video. Intermediate players can design and produce a Minecraft “Let’s Play” short video on YouTube to share their gaming experience with the world.

Esports and Video Game Design

At Connected Camps, kids can both play their favorite games and learn to build their own! Esports engage kids in team-based online games where they build collaboration and communication skills as they play. A parent wrote a 5-star review of our Smash Ultimate club, saying “My son has a great time in this weekly club. All of the kids he’s met are nice and he seems to be making new friends. Plus he really likes the teacher. One of his favorite parts of the club is when the kids get to battle the instructor. It’s a fun way to spend 90 minutes each week. :)” Check out the full line-up of our esports programs, covering Among Us, Fortnite, Pokemon Sword & Shield, Rocket League, and Smash Ultimate.

Game Design lets kids design, test, and play their own games. Whether they do this in Roblox or Minecraft, they’ll go all the way from brainstorming to playtesting, walking through each step of the game design process and collaborating with others to build a game.

Coding and Engineering

Similar to Game Design, Coding gives kids the chance to work on the behind-the-scenes aspects of programs. Learners who love Minecraft and the thrill of customizing their play can learn to command robots and transform their Minecraft into a powerful world filled with dynamic machines. In Roblox coding camps, kids get to build interactive game objects that’ll enhance their game design, such as disappearing paths, deadly traps, and unique power-ups.

Kids will love learning as they play in Engineering camps in Minecraft. Similar to electricity, Minecraft’s Redstone is an amazing tool that acts as an interactive power source. In these programs, kids will explore that power and build dynamic devices from automatic doors to fully-functioning rail systems. Rube Goldberg and Physics classes provide other fun build-test-play options in both Minecraft and Roblox.

Building, Sciences, and History

Our Builder’s Club is a community for Minecraft enthusiasts to collaborate in projects and build structures together. This is a club that takes the magic of Creative Mode a bit further by making it an enriching experience where kids can brainstorm, make decisions, and accomplish team goals.

Kids can grasp the principles of sciences by building and exploring interactive models in Minecraft. They can journey through space and learn how our planet, solar system, and universe work through an astronomical Minecraft experience. Or, they might want to learn about virology, becoming submerged into the world of viruses as they probe and analyze the way they’re transmitted, replicated, and how they differ from single-cell organisms.

History comes to life in Minecraft! For example, kids can learn about the rise and fall of the Roman empire and the daily lives of an average Roman citizen. They’ll get to build and roleplay different aspects of Rome’s history by exploring a replica of ancient Rome in Minecraft. Or, maybe your campers would like to unearth the mysteries of the past in an interactive Paleontology course that dives into Earth’s prehistoric organisms. They will excavate dig sites, analyze fossil records, and build their own museum.

With topics ranging from ancient civilizations to modern-day video games, all Connected Camps programs offer a project-based, exploratory classroom environment that sits at the intersection of learning and playing. Our goal is to provide kids with a place where they’re happy, safe, and exploring new ideas online. We’re striving to provide all kids with an experience like Kathleen’s child’s. She said, “I was amazed at what the kids accomplished in so short of a time! They had a lot of fun, too.”

Spring break is here! We have loads of camps to keep your kids engaged while they’re out of school, either during spring break, or after school, or when summer arrives. Follow the map of our ecosystem to find the best camps for your learners based on the topics and experience level interests them.