Family Game Design Challenge

Did you know Minecraft is both a family-friendly game and works when you’re offline? You can play in single player mode when you’re not online. Once you have logged in at least once with an internet connection, you can play Minecraft in “offline mode” by attempting to log in without an internet connection.

Family-Friendly Game Design

And while single player is great, we love the social aspect, particularly if it can involve the whole family. Our friends at Institute of Play have designed fun challenges to spark an interest in game design for kids. If your child finds themselves offline (and bored!) why not challenge them to Find Play in Things. Design a family-friendly game out of ordinary materials—rubber bands, paper clips, ping pong balls. The results will surprise you and keep everyone playing!

If you’re curious about the learning benefits of Minecraft, researcher Paulina Haduong from Harvard Graduate School of Education writes about it in Learning resilience online through Minecraft.

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