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How-To: Create Adventure Maps

This week, we check out how to build an adventure map. Adventure maps are a series of challenges and puzzles that players must conquer on the way to accomplishing a goal.

Planning is an important part of designing an adventure map. You could create a simple list of what you want to include in the map. Or you could sketch out the map on paper before getting started. It is recommended that you write down*:

  • a theme
  • storyline
  • what traps, challenges, and dungeons will be included and where they will be located within the map
  • basic design of large structures

It is also good to include surprises and presents for players as they make their way through the map. At the end of the map, fireworks are a nice reward too! To increase the level of difficult, you can add custom mobs and bosses. Bosses can be added at the end as a main event or anywhere in the map.

Balance is also key. You want to supply your players with enough to get by, but not enough to make the map too easy or boring. Knowing your audience will help you decide just how easy or hard to make the map. For example, if you’re creating the map for beginner players, then easier is probably the way to go.

Dungeons are a popular addition in adventure maps. A dungeon usually includes a spawner and at least one chest.

Before you launch your adventure map, it’s important to test it. You can test it yourself or you can have others do it for you. Make sure to double and triple check every corner so that adventurers can focus on the goal.

To learn more about how to create adventure maps, check out:

*Recommendations provided by official wikipedia of Minecraft

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