Connected Craft: Free Minecraft Server Now Available Just for Teens

We’re excited to launch the new Connected Craft Minecraft server: a place where teens can hang out online while making and exploring creations in Minecraft. It’s completely free to join, and it’ll be moderated to keep the vibe upbeat.

The Connected Craft server is offered for ages 13-17. It is open Wednesdays-Fridays 1-3pm PT and Saturdays-Sundays 1-5pm PT. Students can register to join here. (They’ll be whitelisted and given instructions on how to join the server.)

Teens love spending time with their friends and bonding over shared experiences like music and games. Many of today’s teens grew up playing Minecraft, and they’re turning to it again whether they just want to chill or get creative and design something to express themselves. It’s also great to be able to build and create with others online, keeping social connections with others even though they might be stuck at home due to Coronavirus.

According to Newzoo, gamers said the top things they liked about Minecraft are the creativity used while playing, and the ability to explore or do what you want. Those are key elements for us too!

Thomas (xDarkdiamond) is one of the counselors that worked to set up the new server. He’s a junior in high school, but he started as one of our campers and now helps create an online space that he would love himself. He said “Connected Craft is cool because it not only offers a fun multiplayer environment, but it has consistent moderation from experienced staff, so that campers can build and create together, without any of the downsides from negative online influences.”

On the Connected Craft server, teens will survive, build, connect and play – it’s their choice. Our moderators will periodically introduce events and challenges to the server, keeping the fun fresh.

In survival, players can claim a house in a plot that they can upgrade as they wish. There will also be opportunities for pvp within the server. Players will have access to the wilderness, where they can explore and survive with friends at their own risks. The portal to the survival wilderness will be reset once a month. This will allow players to periodically gather additional resources to trade or craft with. Connected Craft will also feature an auction plugin to help foster interaction between players.

The server will include minigames available for players to play as they want to. The specific minigames available will grow progressively with the server depending on technical allowance and player demand. Sample games include: 

  • Downgrade : A minigame where campers fight and try to get the most kills with weapons that progressively get worse as the camper gets closer to winning
  • RNGKour : A randomized parkour minigame with custom items over deadly lava!

In creative, players will be able to adopt 100×100 plots where they can add their friends to build with them if they’re feeling artistic. The plots in survival and creative are protected, so players don’t have to worry about anything happening to their builds while they aren’t there. 

Teens are invited to join the free Connected Craft server and start playing! At Connected Camps we’ve been running a Kid Club server for the younger crowd for more than five years. We know how to create a fun, chill experience. We welcome the tweens who’ve been hanging out with us and are getting older, along with other teens from around the world who love Minecraft. Don’t let the kids be bored this summer, they can join us on the Connected Craft server and enjoy their own fun space.