Connected Camps: Our Summer Tech Camps are a Real Treat

Summer is just around the corner! Our summer camps in Minecraft, Roblox, and esports will keep the kids busy, happy, and socially connected with others. Plus, they’re done from the comfort of home, so you won’t need to scramble to drive them around. That gives you a little summer break too!

We host the camps online, and we always have a counselor present in-person. They lead the learning sessions, keep the topic engaging, answer questions, and maintain a positive atmosphere—plus they’re tech lovers like your kids!

Connected Camps offers dozens of summer tech programs that appeal to a wide range of interests. There are camps for skill levels from beginner to advanced. Most camps run every day at a set time for a week and are 90 minutes long.

Here’s a snapshot of five popular topics: for future programmers, there are game design and coding camp. Minecrafters who enjoy survival mode will thrive in our challenging worlds. If your camper loves to get creative, check out the YouTube camp. Or, if esports is their favorite, we have a Fortnite summer camp (plus other popular titles).  We’re sure something in our line-up is just what you’re looking for!

Intro to Game Design Camp in Roblox

By combining game design with programming, campers receive a unique learning experience through a game they love. They’ll learn the basics of Roblox Studio (available free) and create their very own Roblox game in this supportive, engaging week-long camp geared towards beginners. Each student will start with a template that allows them to easily create a finished game and learn skills that they can continue to use after the program is over. They can design a game that they want to play, whether it’s filled with challenging enemies, clever puzzles, or takes place in a unique world.

Christine’s kids joined this camp and gave it a 5-star review. She said, “From my 10- and 12-year-old: ‘It was amazing. It was awesome and fun and I learned so much. I learned how to make a really great game and played a lot of games with my new friends. Charlie [the counselor] was really nice and helpful.’ From a parent’s perspective: it was great to see my kids work independently yet collaboratively on their games. They rarely got frustrated and the instructor was able to help them past any difficulties. They laughed a *lot* and seem to have learned a great deal—they’re excited to take more classes and build more games!”

Coding Camp in Roblox

Code is a language that machines use to communicate and create systems and objects just like the ones in favorite games. In this intermediate-level camp, kids dive deeper into coding and build interactive game objects such as disappearing paths, deadly traps, and unique power-ups. To do this, they’ll work in Roblox Studio and use a lightweight programming language called Lua.

After creating interactive game objects, campers will learn how to troubleshoot their code and fix it when something goes wrong. As kids code and tap into their critical thinking skills, they’ll be able to see the results of their programming by watching their game transform. Group playtesting gives the chance to receive plenty of feedback from other students. What a fun way to experience Roblox!

Wasteland Survival Camp

Each of our Survival camps offers something new, from deserts to oceans to the Nether itself. Kids can conquer them all to prove their skills as a Minecraft Survival expert! In the Wasteland camp, they arrive in a desert world with no greenery in sight. They’ll explore this unique world and defeat bosses to acquire plants and other items to make life in the desert easier.

Our content experts have devoted themselves to making this desert camp more exciting than ever! Kids will find more frequent oases, tombs to plunder, and quests to embark on, all of which make surviving the wasteland much more manageable for the group. Strong teams do better, so while kids play, they’ll learn the value of a supportive community and how to reflect and communicate effectively with each other.

Check out all of our Minecraft Survival Camps (plus other popular options) here.

YouTube Camp

Kids love watching YouTubers… and many kids also want to be YouTubers themselves. We’ll teach them how! In this camp, they’ll design and produce a Minecraft “Let’s Play” short video on YouTube to share their gaming experience with the world. They’ll learn how to use the popular free OBS software to capture a video project in first-person view before uploading it to a YouTube channel. They’ll also learn how to captivate audiences by personalizing their YouTube channel with custom graphics and enticing descriptions.

Based on feedback from campers last summer, we’ve revamped this camp so it has a bigger emphasis on recording footage, editing, and getting comfortable with YouTube.

Neysa submitted a 5-star review and said, “My 9-year-old twins LOVED this camp. It combined their two favorite things- Minecraft and pretending they’re YouTube stars. They were so excited each morning waiting for this class to begin. Jorge [the counselor] is very knowledgeable, patient and fun. He had such a great demeanor with the kids, even as they all work themselves into a frenzy playing this game 😉 My kids’ videos look great, and they are so proud to have made them.”

Fortnite Esports Camp

Fortnite has taken the esports world by storm! In this camp, as kids improve their raw game mechanics, they’ll also discover how to think critically and refine gameplay strategy while under pressure. They will discover strategies for productive farming, building, and looting so they maintain a steady supply of resources. They’ll also learn when to engage in offensive or defensive play. Like all of our camps, kids are joined by other game and tech enthusiasts who collaborate every step of the way!

Elizabeth said, “My kid loves Fortnite and realized a whole new level of gaming, how to be more strategic and how to win and work with others online to complete the end goals!” Your kids can learn similar skills in this camp. If they like different games—or if they play more than one—we offer esports camps in other titles, including Overwatch, Rocket League, and more.

Connected Camps offers dozens of summer camps on a variety of themes. As one parent told us, summer can be long and boring, but our camps are a real treat! Check out the full line-up of camps here. If you’re looking for other formats, be sure to check out our courses or clubs.