Choose Connected Camps for Afterschool Online Fun

Kids love to participate in Connected Camps’ online activities and exploration! That enjoyment shouldn’t stop now that they’re headed back to school. Even though their days will be full (and some evening time with homework), they still need time for their favorite activities. Playing, creating, hanging out with friends who have similar interests – those are all important!

It’s key to encourage kids to pursue their areas of interest. In our courses, they can hop online once a week (for about 5-8 weeks) and play in Minecraft or Roblox with friends. Afterschool clubs are another way for kids to hang out online, enjoying themselves in a structured-but-fun space. Just choose the topic, and our expert counselors will offer guidance and challenge to keep it engaging. From Game Design to Sciences, from Engineering to Creative Arts, we’ve got a program your learner will love!

Online Clubs

Just like offline clubs, our online clubs give kids a place to connect and experience the bond of a supportive community as they share their work in a constructive environment. Plus, you won’t have to drive them all over town! 😊 Your child will get to experience the advantages of team-oriented exercises as they strengthen their social-emotional and conflict resolution skills.

As Michelle said in a review, “My son really likes this class. He has been attending for several months and looks forward to the interactive play. At the price, it is a great deal and a way to decrease isolation and to encourage group play.”

Minecraft enthusiasts can join a Builder’s Club, where they collaborate in projects and build structures together. They might join a Survival Club, an adventure-filled guild where a community of like-minded gamers gather and overcome obstacles together. Or, in the Minecraft Modding Club, they’ll learn to transform the game by modding (creating custom objects) through the MCreator program.

Kids love esports, and parents love to have them play in our positive, safe atmosphere under the guidance of an experienced counselor. We offer clubs in some of the most popular titles, including Fortnite, Overwatch, Rocket League, and more.

Check out our variety of clubs, and sign up for the ones that match your child(ren)’s interests and schedules!

Game Design

Just like kids love to make up games in “the real world,” they enjoy creating their own virtual games. If they’re just getting started, they might enjoy a beginning Game Design Course in Minecraft or Roblox. The platforms are different, so there are skills to be built in different ways. In both environments, kids will learn technical programming skills, designing unique environments, coding, playtesting, and refining.

After they master the basics, it’s time for more advanced design! Minecrafters will learn how to use the basics of WorldEdit as they design mini-games. Or, learners can work in Roblox Studio, implementing technical elements to make their games more challenging and fun. We have an additional Coding Course in Roblox where kids can learn to program game components to design and create unique traps and devices to make their Roblox games fun and exciting!

Girls who want to develop coding and game design skills can also choose to join one of our courses designed just for them! In our girls’ courses, all campers share something in common: being girls who love Minecraft and Roblox and are ready for new friends and new adventures. These programs celebrate girls by encouraging individuality, collaboration, and creative problem solving in a friendly atmosphere. We also offer a Girls’ Builder’s Club in Minecraft, and a Girls’ Survival Club in Minecraft.

Sciences: From Anthropology to Zoology

Anthropology gives us the ability to use a small fragment of history to assess and make scientific guesses on what kind of lives people led in the past. In this Anthropology Course in Minecraft, kids will unearth the remains of ancient human culture and society using the methods that anthropologists do. They’ll explore far reaching corners of different civilizations in Minecraft to analyze the artifacts and structures left behind by the past.

Like Minecraft, most things in this world are made from basic building blocks. While our homes are constructed out of wood and concrete, we are a combination of bones, organs, and other organic matter. When we look deeper into humans, we’ll discover we all have trillions of cells… and these cells are actual living things! Kids who join our Cell Biology course will dive beneath the surface to learn what cells do and how they keep us alive.

If your learners love animals, our Minecraft-based Zoology course is for them! Kids will learn more about the world around them and what makes life possible through simple concepts like the food chain. They’ll discover the unique qualities of different animals from farm and domesticated animals to wild and marine animals. By engaging in fun, interactive group building, your child will have the opportunity to explore the evolution and ecosystems of cool animals in a game they love.

Wondering how successful a science course in Minecraft can be? Check out this 5-star review from Bree: “My daughter absolutely LOVED this class and looked forward to it all week long! She learned about several different animal science and ecology concepts while getting to put them into practice using Minecraft. And she enjoyed the personal and teamwork interactions with other kids in the class.”


Minecraft’s Redstone is an amazing tool that acts as an interactive power source for creations. In the Engineering Course in Minecraft, kids get to explore that power and build dynamic devices from automatic doors to fully-functioning rail systems. They’ll start off learning the basics of Redstone engineering, then each week they get hands-on practice with new Redstone concepts. At the end of this course, they’ll design an amusement park which includes epic roller coasters, simple mini-games, and other Redstone-powered contraptions! This popular course is available for two age groups: 8-9 and 10-13.

A Rube Goldberg machine is a complicated contraption that completes a simple task. Behind every successful Rube Goldberg machine is an engineer who can tweak and create contraptions that adhere to the laws of physics! In the Rube Goldberg Course in Minecraft, learners will explore how Minecraft physics affects their builds and dive deep into the ways carts, projectiles, and Redstone circuits interact with each other.

We also offer a Rube Goldberg Course in Roblox. It teaches the same principles, challenging kids to create a domino effect by using simple machines and projectiles to shift the action into the next area. In both platforms, kids will create their own epic invention, share it with others, and witness the ingenuity of their peers’ creations!

Creative Arts

Most people don’t think of Minecraft for developing theater skills, but it’s a perfect place! In our Theater Course in Minecraft, kids will explore the artist within, working with other students to create a short dramatic play from script to presentation. They’ll explore different roles like story writing and costume designing as they work behind the scenes to prepare for the actual performance.

Animation is the art of directing the movement of objects to create compelling visuals and tell a captivating story. In the Animation Course in Minecraft, learners will bring life to Minecraft models and environments by creating their own animated shorts with the Mine-Imator program. To do so, they’ll learn how to create basic animation loops, add in backgrounds and props, consider lighting and camera movements, and more.

Kids love watching YouTube videos, where gamers and artists share their adventures. In the YouTube Video Course in Minecraft, learners will design and produce a Minecraft “Let’s Play” short video on YouTube to share their gaming experience with the world. They’ll learn how to use free OBS software to capture a video project in first-person view and upload it to a YouTube channel. In addition, they’ll learn how to captivate audiences by personalizing their YouTube channel with custom graphics and enticing descriptions.

With school back in session, we’re here to help you provide your learners with engaging afterschool options. Check out our schedule and find some clubs or courses that they will love! Our aim is to provide an experience like Marie’s, shared in her 5-star review: “My son loves these courses!  As soon as he finishes one, he asks to sign up for another. He loves the challenges and the well-facilitated social time with fellow Minecraft players. Highly recommend.”