Camp Recap: Summer 2020 Unleashed!

Welcome to our first ever Camp Recap, where we showcase multiple highlights from our creative programs. Our snazzy counselors are excited to showcase their favorite moments captured throughout each lesson so that you can join in on the fun too!

Are you ready to see what kids are building in our camps, clubs, and courses? For this first recap, we’ll revisit some sweet highlights from June to give everyone a sneak peek of Connected Camps’ fun and creative side. Without further ado, let the recap commence!

1. “Home is the place to Bee” (Zoology Course)

Memes aside, bees are just too cool and it’s important for all of us to take care of endangered species like honeybees. One of our campers developed a “Flower Forest” enclosure for bees to keep them happy with the resources they need for pollination.

2. “Stadium Battle” (Game Design Camp)

This PVP arena from Game Design Camp is beyond amazing and has a slight resemblance to the world’s famous ball that we use to “catch ‘em all”.

3. “Sacred Forest Meadow” (Game Design Camp)

From Game Design Camp, you’re looking at a classic garden hedge maze complete with a fairy-esque fountain at the very end. Be careful as you approach these “Lost Woods”!

4. “Under the Lancer’s Shadow” (Survival Club)

This towering PVP arena makes an appearance in a Survival Club in the form of a very colossal skyscraper that resembles a lancer’s spear. How fitting!

5. “Wakka Wakka” (Builder’s Club)

In this Builder’s Club session, campers  joined forces or crafted independently to create a “Video Game” themed masterpiece. With all of the video game references in this blog, how can we forget one of the most revered classics, Pac-Man?


6. “Shrine of Worship” (Ancient History Course)

Drawing influence from Ancient Japan, this stunning zen shrine is a unique and personalized take on how Japanese-inspired structures may appear in a Minecraft world.

7. “Miniature Windmill Farm” (Architecture Business Camp)

Propped alongside the outskirts of a kingdom or city, this tiny windmill farm is just one of the many stops for adventurers who need a breather. What a great use of balance and space!

8. “Starlit Ride” (Girls’ Engineering Camp)

Only one camper per minecart! Thankfully, the Minecraft minecarts are safely designed for social distancing and these gals in Girls’ Engineering Camp are able to enjoy their roller coasters under the shimmering starlight.


9. “Is This The Krusty Krabs?” (Roblox Game Design Camp)

Whether you’re here to sneak yourself a perfectly ocean-grilled Krabby Patty with ~extra~ pickles or a lukewarm Krusty Krab pizza, there’s no place like the true-to-life replica of Bikini Bottom’s favorite restaurant: The Krusty Krab.

10. “Sphere of Influence” (Astronomy Course)

This Minecraft model of our solar system has a slight touch of “cubism”. Fantastic work to the campers in Astronomy Course! By the way, can you spot our planet in rotation?

11. “The Lifesphere” (Builder’s Club)

Meanwhile on the other side of the galaxy far far away, our campers in Builder’s Club created a Lifesphere – promptly renamed from “Deathstar” to accurately reflect its true shape and its wholesome non-threatening lasers.

12. “Twin Aqueducts” (Roman History Course)

These roman aqueducts are both stylish in their own way and serve the exact same purpose: to hold and supply water for communities. Talk about succeeding in both form and function; we just love these two builds!

13. “Cat Fish Slap Fight” (Survival Club in Modded Minecraft)

These cats are really at it! It’s a friendly catfight brawl between two cats and two fish. Who will win? (My money’s on the duck!)

…And that’s a wrap for our first camp recap! While I am able to share just a few moments with you, we have so many pictures leftover that are just as spectacular as the ones shown here – if we can only share them all!

Feel free to share with us pictures from your favorite Connected Camps programs that wows you or make you smile. You may message us through Twitter, Facebook, or email us your masterpieces and we’ll try our best to include it in the next Camp Recap.

Stay safe everyone and I hope to see you all again soon in another recap! 😄