Camp Recap: August 18, 2020

Welcome to another Camp Recap! For this week, I’ve gathered many unique and creative builds that’ll take you to distant foreign lands or even to the other side of the world. We’ll tour through incredible landmarks of the past and tributes that pay respects to our favorite games. We also have an exciting update to a build we’ve previously showcased! So without further ado, let’s begin!

1. “Snowed In” (Builder’s Club)

Don’t let the pictures fool you; this isn’t one of those photos from a direct-to-video Christmas movie. Based on a rather esoteric and popular video game, this town is covered with secrets from end to end and from above to below.

2. “Inside Outer Space” (Girls’ Engineering Camp)

These girls from Girls’ Engineering Camp decided to pair their passion for Astronomy with their roller coaster ride. Although the tracks lead you indoors, the night sky welcomes you from within alongside the brilliant starlights and a space shuttle’s silhouette.

3. “Rome Sweet Rome” (Roman History Course)

This shared office space is modern and chic with a raised roof ideal for letting in the light when the sun shines in. And if you look at it just right, it almost looks like a piano!

4. “Shoot for the Moon” (Astronomy Camp)

And we’re ready to lift off! …But don’t worry those flames are just for aesthetics and we’re not actually launching with the service arm still extended.

5. “Nicest House On The Block” (Survival Camp)

Please excuse the rainy day shot! We just absolutely had to capture this sophisticated modern-style home built in Survival Camp. I can totally envision this snapshot going on the front cover of a coffee table magazine.

6. “Gladiator” (Roman History Course)

Before the days of video games – and yes, even Minecraft – people had to seek out different ways to pass the time. Sometimes, it may even involve more animals than you can count! This Roman History Course recreated a gladiator battle with chickens and wolves. (No animals were harmed during the making.)

7. “For the Watch” (Survival Club)

This Survival Club watchtower, with its abundance of nearby freshwater and forageable food, is almost cozy enough to live in. Whether you’re on guard duty or just stopping by for a visit, the breathtaking view from the rooftop makes this rest stop worth it.

8. “In The City of Blue” (Roblox Coding Camp)

I heard if you look in “the city of green”, you’ll find Kanto region’s first Pokemon Center for many adventurers. However, to find Roblox Coding Camp’s first Pokemon Center you must search in “the city of blue” – or at least that’s what legends say.

9. “Land of Panda” (Zoology Camp)

Similar to real pandas, these Minecraft creatures like to chill on treetops and feed on fresh bamboo. Pandas are already a rare sight but this enclosure has FIVE pandas! Can you find them all in this picture?

10. “Wizard’s Tower” (Survival Club)

The Wizard’s Tower is such a sight to behold, isn’t it? This is actually a follow up on our first Camp Recap’s build named “Under the Lancer’s Shadow”. It’s now a fully decked out battle-ready PvP skyscraper. Wow, what a build! Check out some additional screenshots of it below (the third one is a picture of the interior).

Feel free to share with us pictures from your favorite Connected Camps programs that wows you or make you smile. You may message us through Twitter, Facebook, or email us your masterpieces and we’ll try our best to include it in the next Camp Recap.

Although we still have some camps rolling until the end of this month, our Fall courses are starting up soon. Registration will start later next week and spots are limited so keep your eyes peeled on Outschool and our social media for further announcements.

Until then, take care!