Live, Personalized Online Learning without Breaking the Bank

Connected Camps was founded by parents, and we’re acutely aware of how expensive raising kids can be. We provide maximum value on programs for your kids with live, personal online instruction. Most live programs are significantly more expensive than ours, and most of the other free options are self-paced, solitary learning. 

We’re a non-profit organization, and we keep our prices as low as we can, so more people can participate and benefit from our interactive options that blend fun and learning.

That combination is what creates the tremendous benefit of our programs. Whether your kids are playing Rocket League, joining a Minecraft Builder’s Club, or creating a custom design in our free Minecraft servers, they’ll benefit from our strong educational foundation, which includes near-peer mentorship from well-trained counselors and coaches who share similar interests and are relatable.

Your kids will tap their curiosity and creativity in every Connected Camps option, no matter the price. In fact, our free Minecraft servers are a favorite place to hang out and learn, and your kids are welcome to join daily. Here’s some information on a few of our lowest-price clubs and courses.

Kid Club: FREE Minecraft server for tweens 8-13

Our Minecraft servers are always staffed with our high-caliber counselors. We’ll maintain a safe space for your kids to hang out every afternoon from 1:30 – 5:30 pm PT, and it’s totally free! As kids play, they’ll learn:

  • Problem-solving, design, and STEM skills
  • Advanced building techniques
  • Web literacy and digital citizenship

Here’s a guide to the Kid Club world. Whether they’re looking to play in Survival Mode, join a design club to make a golf course or parkour track, or play mini-games like checkers or capture the flag, this is the place!

Connected Craft: FREE Minecraft server for teens 13-17

By popular demand, we recently added a Minecraft server for older teens. It’s also staffed by our pro counselors and is open from 1:30 – 5:30 pm, Wednesday to Sunday. Not many teen activities are free, but this one is!

STEM and digital citizenship skills are built here as teens interact with each other. They’ll always have support from their near-peers, college-age counselors and moderators. Players have the freedom to participate in the server however they wish. Special events led by community members and counselors keep things engaging and interesting.

Service Learning for Teens

This free program is a great way for teens to develop leadership skills and earn community service hours. How cool to earn those hours while doing something they love: Minecraft and Roblox! High school students who volunteer will assist lead counselors in running our fun and educational online programs. They improve professional skills like public speaking, conflict management, leadership, and facilitation skills.

Volunteer Collin said, “My favorite part about volunteering for Connected Camps is the positive atmosphere. It’s fun working with the kids and seeing the cool stuff they come up with! Volunteering has taught me patience and the ability to talk in a crowd. When volunteering, I go out of my comfort zone and take the lead.”

Tons of Fun Courses in Minecraft

Connected Camps has a slate of courses that are just $15 per 90-minute session. In the Astronomy course, kids will journey through space and learn how our planet, solar system, and universe work through an astronomical Minecraft experience. Maybe they’d prefer to try out the world of computer programming by coding robots in Minecraft. Or, they can explore the limits of Redstone to engineer unique contraptions and solve Minecraft problems through creative design.

Choose from our fall options here. Our goal is that you’ll feel like Heather, a parent who told us, “My son enjoyed this class and learned at the same time. He really enjoyed it. It was worth the cost.”

Online Clubs in Esports and Minecraft

Kids like to join clubs so they can hang out and play with others who enjoy the same things. That might mean volleyball, chess, or esports and Minecraft. If your kids like to play in the digital world, check out our online clubs.

In esports clubs, game enthusiasts get to play, practice, and engage in an inclusive environment under the guidance of an esports coach. Titles include Fortnite, League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League, and Smash Ultimate.

If they like Minecraft, they can join our Builder’s Club, Survival Club, or Modded Survival Club. They’ll join a community of young designers and survivors who meet once a week to collaborate and build or overcome challenges in a custom Minecraft world under the mentorship of a skilled counselor.

Those community aspects are so important! As a Survival Club participant said, “It’s a great experience. I recommend it for kids who play video games and like to have other people to play with.”

 Explore the choices

Tweens and teens will have a blast with Connected Camps, whether they’re doing something completely free or joining our reasonably-priced courses and clubs. No matter what you want to spend, Connected Camps has lots of options. Our goal is that our programs will be accessible to all, as we work to build a global online community where kids build, code, play, and learn from one another.