Back to School / Stay at Home Programs for Fall 2020

In Fall 2020, “back to school” also means “stay at home” for most families — and that applies to the parents as well as the kids! Coming to the rescue: Connected Camps affordable fall programs

Families are looking for meaningful ways to keep their kids socially connected and playing productively:

  • at the beginning of the day if they have a hybrid schedule that includes later class times
  • midday when kids need a social connection after studying independently or online
  • for pandemic pods that need support for variety and instruction on specific topics 
  • in the afternoon when kids are otherwise bored and bugging their parents, who are working at home and still need to focus on important projects or Zoom calls 

Connected Camps has broadened its online tech camps and programs this fall to help families effectively deal with new learning situations. Your family may be new to at-home learning, but we aren’t! Connected Camps was founded as an online learning program several years ago, and our programs are steeped in learning theory and research. Our counselors are bright college students who don’t just advise on programs, they’re also trained to be quality near-peer mentors. In today’s world, kids need that support. 

Afternoon fun in our free Minecraft Servers

Connected Camps offers two free Minecraft servers: Kid Club for ages 8-13 and Connected Craft for teens 13-17. They’re open Wednesday – Sunday, 1:30 – 5:30 pm Pacific time. For safety, these are whitelisted servers that limit who can enter, and trained counselors monitor the space to keep interactions positive. Kids can explore their creativity through unstructured play or participate in mini-games with others.

“The servers can be considered what recess is to school. Kids have fun, develop friendships, and just take a break in general. However, the freeplay servers aren’t devoid of learning. Campers can learn some game design theory if they create minigames, in the sense that they figure out what works and what doesn’t,” said counselor Sebastian.

Variety! From Coding to Architecture to Video Production and more

We’re an online tech camp company; of course we offer courses in topics like Coding and Game Design. (By popular demand, we even offer some girls-only coding camps.) 

For something different, how about Architecture Business or Ancient Roman History or YouTube Video Production, all taught with Minecraft? Kids will be engaged when they’re exploring new topics like these. As one parent said about our YouTube camp, “Highly recommended as a foundational block to starting kids off in digital media. Kids already consume loads of YouTube content – this class lets them start grasping the content production cycle of the videos, helping them towards becoming creators and contributors as well.”

Connected Camps uses popular computer programs (along with video conferencing) to guide students through live, in-person sessions. Some of the fall programs include:

  • Arts: Theater Camp (using Minecraft)
  • Community: Builder’s Club or Survival Club (using Minecraft)
  • Esports: Fortnite, League of Legends, Rocket League 
  • Exploration: Architecture Business, Roman History, Astronomy (using Minecraft)
  • Technology: Coding, Engineering, Game Design (using Minecraft or Roblox)
  • Clubs: Minecraft, Overwatch, Smash Ultimate 

Sign-up Details

Fall programs are offered for ages 8-17 and are split up by age groups. They will be offered from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Pacific time, seven days a week. Prices vary depending on the length of the program; check out the fall schedule and find what works for you. 

If you’re looking for a unique program for your kids to stay connected to their friend groups or in their pandemic pods, our awesome Connected Camps staff will tailor programs just for them. We’ll work with clubs and families to create their perfect class, afterschool club, camp, or event. 

As you strive to balance “back to school” with “stay at home” this fall, you’ll find the creative and intellectual support your kids need at Connected Camps.