Adventuring Minecraft

How-To: Adventuring (Survival Mode)

The Minecraft world is a huge place filled with caves and other locations to explore. When exploring, it’s always safer to go with friends!

Adventuring in Minecraft

Build your team

  1. Assemble a group of players
  2. Choose roles and gather the appropriate items (See end of post for a list of possible player roles)
  3. Decide how to handle loot gathered. Is it a free-for-all or is everyone splitting loot evenly? What items are considered loot? How do you handle extra items that can’t be divided equally?

Step into the unknown

  1. Decide where to go. Are you searching out a specific biome? Or a deep cave? Or a water temple?
  2. When you get to the location, establish a base camp. Private chests, beds, crafting tables, and furnaces are all useful to have. Make sure it’s well-lit and secure from monsters! A shallow cave makes a great start for a base camp.

Grab the loot

  1. When delving into the location, try to stick together as a group. Remember to communicate frequently!
  2. Place torches on the right-hand walls only, then, when you turn around, you can follow the left-hand torches to find your way back! Use floor torches for non-navigational lighting.
  3. If you have a treasurer, be sure to hand off your loot frequently so he or she can keep it safe.
  4. Head back to base camp frequently to resupply and stash valuables.
  5. Be sure to split the loot and stash it any time a player joins or leaves the adventure. Any loot collected from that point on then gets split with the new group.


Supplemental Information on Player Roles

The Fighter
: Someone who wears a lot of armor and wields a sword. This person jumps into the front lines in a fight, absorbing damage and pushing monsters back.

  • Diamond sword, enchanted if possible
  • Iron or diamond armor with enchantments
  • Potions of strength, healing

Diamond sword

The Archer: Someone who has good archery skills, carries lots of arrows, and preferably has a nice enchantment on their bow (Power I-IV is great). Can keep the group safe from distant foes.

  • Bow, enchanted if possible
  • At least a stack of arrows
  • Leather or iron armor


The Alchemist: Someone who carries a variety of potions to help the group in different situations. Try to get splash potions for combat use! Your primary objective is healing damaged group members.

  • Splash potions of health, regeneration, run speed, night vision, leaping, harming


The Engineer: An expert at various utility items in Minecraft that can help the group navigate the environment.

  • Ladders (for traveling up)
  • Gravel or sand (for traveling down or filling lava pools)
  • Water bucket (extinguishing lava, traveling down)
  • Ender pearls
  • Odd potions, such as water breathing or invisibility
  • Feather falling boots

Diamond Pickaxe

The Treasurer: A good survivor who holds onto all the loot the group receives. It’s the treasurer’s job to collect loot, stay safe, and split the loot equally between all players. A fortune pickaxe can increase the amount of loot gained. Avoid creepers and lava at all costs!

  • Iron or diamond armor with enchantments (explosion protection!)
  • Fortune pickaxe

Minecraft Diamond