2020 Online Summer Camps

Announcing our 2020 Online Summer Camps: Minecraft and More!

At Connected Camps, we’ve been hard at work expanding our programs to meet the unprecedented demand for online learning that Spring 2020 has brought. We’ve doubled our team to accommodate as many kids as we can in our free Minecraft server and have expanded our 2020 online summer camps program. COVID-19 has pushed us to supercharge our mission to build a global online community bringing kids together from all walks of life to build, code, play, and learn from each other. 

As an antidote to our troubling times, the team at Connected Camps is looking forward to igniting a summer season of hope, fun, and excitement for kids who participate in this summer’s camps.

Announcing our 2020 Online Summer Camps

We’re confident that Connected Camps has something for all kids to ignite their digital creativity while learning, having fun, and making friends!  

Our Summer Camps offer a number of options to fit your child’s busy schedule:  

  • All camps are online (PC & Mac) 
  • Coed and girls-only
  • 5 days long, 90 minutes per day

Depending upon their interests, your children can choose from one of five different online summer camps categories: Arts, Exploration, Technology, Community, and Esports.

Arts Online Summer Camps

In the Arts category, we’re excited to connect kids who have a passion for theater, animation, or video creation with three different week-long camps incorporating Minecraft. For example, our Theater Camp in Minecraft class will connect your child with others who have a passion for drama to create a unique script for a Minecraft play. 

Our Animation camp will be five days filled with fun learning how to become a Minecraft animator through the Mine-Imator animation program, helping them to produce a unique themed montage. In our YouTube Video Camp in Minecraft, students will learn how to capture, and produce videos for their own enjoyment or a future YouTube channel! 

Exploration and Technology Online Summer Camps

The Architecture Business Camp mixes technology and sparks our kids’ entrepreneurial spirit by teaching campers how to design stunning buildings for clients within Minecraft and sell them for profit in their virtual world. 

The Technology online summer camps are loaded with a number of online camps for kids who want to have fun learning a number of different skills and peer groups such as:

  • Coding (Beginners & Intermediate Levels)
  • Girls’ Coding (Beginners & Intermediate Levels)
  • Game Design
  • Engineering
  • Roblox Coding

In each one of these camps kids will be challenged to learn new skills, but also apply them within the exciting digital worlds of Minecraft or Roblox.  

Community Online Summer Camps

We like to help students connect gaming with life skills, and our Community Summer Camps help us accomplish just that! 

In Survival Camp in Minecraft, students will work in community with others to overcome challenges and complete quests within Minecraft. It’s a lot of fun, and helps kids learn to collaborate and apply problem solving skills. 

Esports Online Summer Camps

Adult gamers were blown away when they heard about our online summer camps for Fortnite, Rocket League, Overwatch or League of Legends.! 

“Where were these camps when WE were kids?” said one parent recently. 

Just like our other camps, kids will be training alongside others in our safe, counselor-led environment in game techniques, learning how to play as a team, and adding new strategies to their gaming repertoire that could actually end up landing them a college scholarship!

Please note: Our esports summer camps are growing in popularity, so be sure to enroll early as we anticipate spots to go quickly.  

What Others Say About Our Camps

OK, we’ll admit that we’re just a LITTLE biased when we explain how fun and exciting our camps are! 

Please read what others have to say about our online summer camps:

“I wanted to share a picture of my daughter attending beginning coding at a Starbucks. She had a riding lesson just before and we didn’t have time to make it home so we stopped in for refreshments and Wifi. She is LOVING this camp. I was a bit skeptical about the camp at first but it is truly awesome and the counselors are incredible!” – Jana P., parent

“The Teen Volunteer Program is what excited me about having our son participate in Connected Camps. I love that he can learn about volunteerism and potentially be a camp counselor someday!” – Emily F., parent

“My daughter is in camp this week and I signed her up for one next week… She LOVES it. [My daughter] said the camp is the most fun she has ever had. She wants one every week! Thank you so much.” – Parent of a recent camper

“You get to be open to the kids, and you never know what kind of personalities you may find. In general, Connected Camps is teaching me to better communicate with others, and effectively teach.” – Gabriel, Volunteer Counselor

Enroll Today to Secure Your Child’s Spot

We’re excited to get to spend time with your child in our online camps, but if the past is any indication to their popularity, we encourage you to get registered as soon as possible. 

In order to maintain the quality of our instruction, we limit our camp sizes to a small number of students per session. Don’t miss out, so please check our schedule of summer camps and register through the Outschool website that’s linked within each camp description. 

While other camps are charging several hundred dollars, our non-profit organization works to keep our expenses low to keep our camp costs accessible to as many families as possible. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our team members on our website or through our Facebook page.  

Please check our camp schedule and enroll your child today for an unforgettable experience with Connected Camps!